Jul 15, 2009

Wednesday is the new Saturday - 7/15

Wow, last night was AMAZING! Bonobo, RD, and Of Porcelain showed us what music is all about! Thanks to The Do LaB for making it all happen!
Hear audio clips from last night by scrolling down my twitter page or by visiting here!

Also here is a Bonobo song to get your day started right!

On a biz note, stay tuned for some big announcements regarding this blog... some good changes coming soon! And remember to always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER.

So in terms of events tonight, it's sorta of amazing how much is happening.... is Wedneday the new Saturday? In LA seems like everyday is the new Saturday. That's why I love this city!

Tonight, check out the monthly "Tighten Up" featuring Yosaku and this month's guest is Flip, who knows how to do it right! Plus it's his birthday:

Also tonight, be sure to catch Jeremy Sole (Afro Funke') tonight on KCRW (89.9 in LA) or KRCW.COM online, from midnight to 3am! Best DJ on the air!

Also tonight is Low End Theory, with a special LIVE performance by Nosaj Thing (not to be missed):

Also tonight catch ATFC at Melodic (ps inspiration for Spread Love):

Also tonight catch BPM's MP3 battle show:

Also check out these serious of shows you should check out (starting tonight):

Also tonight enjoy downtempo, deep, and tech house here:

Also tonight is club Moscow:

Also tonight you can catch Edward Sharpe at Ameoba records at 7pm.

And also this one:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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