Jul 25, 2009

Swimming with Berzerk Kids - 7/25 - 7/26

Heyyyy it's Saturday!!!

And I leave for NYC in one day!!!! Soooooo excited.

Last night I caught the Glitch Mob and they were very good. Hope these guys take over the world for a little while! Also saw Bjork at the show!!!

The show was SO fun that I actually didn't get a chance to get any pictures or capture any audio. Sorry folks....guess ya had to be there!

And today, another beautiful day in LA, beckons you with beach/pool parties, free night time events, and a slew of laate night options.

Maybe a song for you perhaps to get your day / pre party started:

Today there is a Burner beach gathering! Do check it out!

Also today enjoy a pool party:

Tonight catch Cut Chemist for FREE at the Getty Center!

Also tonight and Sunday catch Cirque Berzerk! (Running til the end of August every Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Not to be miss folks:

Not to be miss folks! Visit the official Cirque Berzerk website here!

Also tonight catch Bang the Drum returns with Steve Loria and John Tejeda

Also tonight catch DJ Rhettmatic and more here:

Also tonight catch this event feat. Glass Candy, Acid Girls, and Franki Chan:

Also tonight:

Also tonight the Orange Kids take over the Mountain Bar:

Also tonight is Blood at Bar Sinister:

Also tonight is She Rock, a night of female performances, fire spinning and more:

Also tonight is Flow with Tony Largo and Raul Campos:


NEW YORK: July 26th I'm gonna try and check out the Pool Parties of Brooklyn:

NEW YORK: July 26th catch my boy Wiseacre and friends:

NEW YORK: Also on Sunday is the Deep End in Brooklyn:

Back in Los Angeles:
July 26th catch Flip and crew at Sundae:

July 26th get DEEP with Marques Wyatt, Joplin, and special guests Quentin Harris, Kemal, and Juan Nunez:

July 26th enjoy this pool party at the Standard Hollywood:

July 26th go watch Up In Smoke outdoors with all your friends, and get really baked OK:

July 26th catch the Do Over:

July 26th at Banana Split:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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