Apr 30, 2009

Home is where the House music is - 4/30

So to give y'all the apartment update, I guess I'm moving out of my place in the next day. Now I'm still searching for a nice place to go, and have even contemplated the following: "Hey mom and dad, what are you guys doing with that spare room? Can I borrow it for a month?"

The really amazing thing today is how many people have sent me their positive energy, and even had this conversation with Jordan Squared:

So today being what it has, how about getting out there tonight and really remembering and celebrating what makes life worth living. It's Afro Funke' night, so the stage has been set.


Alright family, those who came out last Thursday know what
I'm about to say; magic! good feelings, great music, and a
couple hundred sweaty dancers with big smiles!

DJ CENTER came out from NYC to grace the place, and did
it with ease. J.SOLE brought them on an early journey through
a few countries, and GLENN RED went heavy on it!

Speaking of our two residents, this Thursday is their chance to
truly spread out, all night. These "Afro Funke' Soundsystem" nights
have become favorites for the dancers, as the residents run court
with long, steady sets that build to a frenzy!

Afrobeat, Brazilian, Dub, Reggae, Cumbia, Samba Disco,
African Salsa, Afro-Latin House, Indian Beats, Makossa,
Balkan, Funk, Blues, Highlife, Broken-Afro-Beat, Salsa,
& Other deep-rooted soul music from around the world


resident deejay:
(Afro Funke’ / KCRW / Musaics)
Afro Funke' co-founder and resident DJ, Jeremy Sole is on a mission to show how music is a universal language, and that each culture’s rhythms and melodies are no more than slang - different accents of the same mother tongue. His DJ sets, remixes and original compositions juxtapose world sounds and experimental beats into a sonic ritual - a celebration of life out loud. Sole recently did a remix for Femi Kuti on the "Femi vs KCRW Soundclash", and is working on several remixes and re-edits, as well as original pieces for his "Musaics" collaborative recording project. Some of these "Musaics" have been featured on mixes and compilations by Om Records, J-Boogie, Sake One, Chicken George, Lightning Head (aka BiggaBush) and more.

Sole has shared the studio and the stage with Sly Stone, Ben Harper, Stevie Wonder, Seu Jorge, Ray Charles, War, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Roy Ayers, Lauryn Hill and hundreds of others. He had the distinct honor of being the DJ that was mixing the California Democratic Party's Election Night Celebration at the exact moment when Barack Obama officially became our 44th President.

Catch Sole on 89.9 KCRW Wednesdays from 12-3am, as he reaches from the roots to the branches of every genre. If you're not in LA you can listen to, and comment on the week's archived show at:


resident deejay:

live percussion:


afro funke’ photography, booking & production:

afro funke’ promotion:

*Plus Surprise Guest Deejays & Players of Instruments!!*

*Have your Birthday Party @ Afro Funke’! contact: afrofunke@yahoo.com*

*Drink specials every Thursday until 10:30pm!*

AFRO FUNKE’: Thursdays @ Zanzibar
1301 5th St Santa Monica, CA 90401
9pm | 21+ | 310-451-2221| $7-10
ZanzibarLive.com| AfroFunke.com

*Exclusive Afro Funke’ T-Shirts @ the club each week.
Plus hand made hats, bags, belts & more provided by
Big Al Hats

Afro Funke' supports:
Africa LIVE! is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, restore, and reinvigorate the Ghanaian music scene, creating public and industry awareness for its rich history and value, and commercial opportunities for artists and the community. Ghanaian international music star, Rocky Dawuni recognized the need to safeguard Ghana’s incredible music legacy. Through Africa LIVE! Dawuni plans to promote music education and appreciation in schools, provide schools and artists with access to instruments, venues and professional production assistance, and foster musical collaboration between the U.S. and Ghana.

We will have an Africa LIVE! donation box available at Afro Funke' each week. Or you can contact africalivemusic@gmail.com for more information regarding events and donations.

With a little help from our friends:


Humility is a terrible thing to waste. Use it with class and use it often.


ALSO TONIGHT! The Glitch Mob and DJ AM:

and gotta give a shout out to Respect with Total Science tonight as well:

Apr 29, 2009

No Theory on Culture - 4/29

From a cloudy morning, today has turned into a nice spring day. Today it became more apparent that I will be out of a place live since I haven't able to find a roommate for my beautiful Van Nuys 2 bedroom. I contemplated calling up my parents to ask them if I can crash there for a few days until I find a new place to live.... wow.

All the more reason to get out and celebrate all the things that are blessed.

Tonight's selections:

Apr 28, 2009

Just another Tuesday - 4/28

Hey hey, it's Tuesday.

I don't internet at home. Tow truck companies and Baily Total Fitness are stealing my money.

Otherwise life is blessed. So go out and meet your city!

Some selections for tonight:

Apr 27, 2009

Is there such-a-thing? 4/27

Monday morning.... I need a new roommate, seriously an amazing offer into the universe!

I also need a fridge :) even though it's chilly enough outside on this cloudy spring day.

I also need a lil more $$$ or do I?

Here is a song to get you going right:

Tonight for you music/loud music junkies, DJ Skeet Skeet presents Nosaj Thing, Emu + more at his weekly temporary place:

Also tonight, for ya older school electronic music headz:

Also tonight, get your Ladytron after On:

Apr 26, 2009

Groove like water - 4/26

Happy Sunday people. Today while driving into downtown I remembered how nice it is to count your blessings.

Here are some of today/tonight's events!

Shamballah LA Fusion Event featuring:
The Luminaries
Cipes and the People
DJ David Starfire
DJ Yossy International DJ from Japan
Agape Childrens Choir
Taiko Drumming
Shaolin Monks
Aire Redtree
Didgeridoo by Sonicbirds
Gudni Gudnason and the Japanese Shamballah Team
Conscious Vendors, Raw and Unraw Food, Henna, Facepainting and More.


This starts at 7pm @ the Level 3 Nightclub

There is a photography show in Downtown today, a series of fine art nude photographs, shot guerrilla style at night on the streets of Downtown LA, using only available ambient light from street signs, lamp posts, etc. by Cyril Helnwein

If pool side dancing is your thing, you have 2 choices today:

Then tonight, enjoy LA's best weekly house spot featuring Jojo Flores:

Also tonight, get your Ladytron afterparty on at Banana Split:

Apr 25, 2009

To the pool to keep cool! - 4/25

Welcome to a beautiful Saturday in LA. Sounds about time for pool parties, so here are 2 for you:

pool party 12pm - 9pm
12 - 4 wiseacre & eduardo
4 - 6 simbad
6 - 7 scott k
7 - 8 jeremy sole
8 - 9 wiseacre & eduardo

after party in the lounge 9pm - 2am
9 - 10 rick wren
10 - 11:30 jeremy sole
11:30 - 1 scott k
1 - 2 wiseacre & eduardo

$10 (one free drink and admission to both parties included)

And the other pool party option:

After these day time funfests, I am excited about these two nighttime events featuring Oscure and Braden as headliners for each:

Also this whole weekend, there's a BIG camping/outdoor event for y'all by Psytribe, Greensector ad Teknoledge:

Looks like a really good one! If you're going be sure to catch Ruff Hauser's set!

And here are a few other selections for what is a typical busy Saturday night:

Apr 24, 2009

We Are Impulses Merging - 4/24

Welcome back y'all. And welcome to the weekend.

Today and tomorrow check out this music/fashion event:

If you don't know Robot Love, you gots to check them out!

Also this whole weekend, there's a BIG camping/outdoor event for y'all by Psytribe, Greensector ad Teknoledge:

Looks like a really good one! If you're going be sure to catch Ruff Hauser's set!

Also tonight, if any of you know my background in film/video production, you'd understand why I would be excited to check out some video installation art at this opening:

7:00pm - 11:00pm
National City Tower bank lofts
800 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA

Click here for more info!

Here is my first choice for tonight's live music offerings:

And here is are a few more choices for you dance music lovers out there: