Jul 29, 2009

New York Day 3 - 7/29-8/06

Before you read the recap of yesterday's super fun day check this song I was listening to today.... It's dedicated to a certain special person that I am missing at the moment:

So Day 3 started out with me waking up at the hotel with my Do LaB peeps.

We went over to Liberty Island to begin laying out the design of our stage for All Points West this weekend in New York.

It's a nice park with a great city scape in the background!

We started working hard... by practicing our frisbee skillz!

But seriously soon we were out in full force getting things up into the air:

And when things go up in the air, we go up with them!

And then we secure them to the ground!

Later that day, sunburned, but so happy to have been working my good good peoples at the LaB, I went and finally met up with my old college roommate.

We had some good times, though of a chilled out nature, in the East Village.

And even later that night, I got to kick it with a new friend, a really talented singer/songewriter Kim Garrison. I hope to get to jam with her before I go!

So tonight, in both New York City (even though it's wetter than clouds) and in Los Angeles, there is a ton to do!

Tonight my homeboy and I plan to do a part 2, that's as good as the godfather sequel... in other words, kill it! (Even though it's been raining like a mini monsoon all day and will rain all night)

And into tonight's events....

NEW YORK: DJ Louie Vega at Cielo 18 Little W 12 St

NEW YORK: Tonight check out Finger on the Pulse presents a summer blow out BBQ:

NEW YORK: Also tonight this conference:

NEW YORK: Also tonight is the Homebase 1 year anniversary:

NEW YORK: Also tonight is Wednesdays at Ella w/ The Glitter Kids!

#9 Avenue A (between 1st and 2nd Street)
Go straight down the stairs.


Josh Link + Lucas Walters + The Boogie Brothers

Hosted by: The Glitter Kids + DKDS

And back in Los Angeles:

Also tonight check out Low End Theory with Dam Funk:

Also tonight you can catch locals night at Ecco:

Also tonight check out another Wednesday with MissingToof:

Happening at the Libertine
8210 Sunset Blvd.
This week's guests:
Jen Lasher (NYC/Baltimore)
Adeline Supreme (Stockholm, Sweden)

Rotating DJs:
True Pseudo
After Midnight

$0 cover!

Also tonight check out Compact Disco:

Hosted by Anne Montone + Scarlett Casanova

Resident DJs:
Eddie B (Club Hawt)
Amanda M (Flavor Pill Magazine)
Anne Montone

Very Special Guest:
BipJeffington (Dance, Bang!, Beat It!)

No Cover

Also tonight is Club Moscow:

Also tonight is check out this event:

Thursday July 30th is Afro Funke'!!!

July 30th, check out Dance Right with DJ Troublemaker:

July 30th is a Traktor party featuring some pretty talented DJ's:

NEW YORK: July 31st - August 2nd is the All Points West musical festival featuring work by The Do LaB!

NEW YORK: July 31st is Turntables on the Hudson

NEW YORK: July 31st:

NEW YORK: August 1st, check out this Burning Man fundraiser party:

RSVP for secret location: arts.animus@gmail.com

NEW YORK: August 1st..... this is the craziest flyer I've scene for a while.

It makes me wonder if the promoters are trying to warm New York hipsters that they are doing too much coke, because they are turning into monsters..... there I said it!

NEW YORK: August 1st (or August 2nd if it rains) FIGMENT, Global Funk Alliance + HiveMind present the City of Dreams block party:

This is a free event from noon - 6 pm

Music: Malodorous, $mall Change, d_juice, Zemi17 + David Last.

How to get there: http://figmentnyc.org/2009/figment-2009/getting-there/

Take a break from the concrete and spend a beautiful summer day with us at FIGMENT's City of Dreams, Governors Island, in New York Harbour. Pack a picnic, parasols, toys, bike, skateboard, beverages, polo sets, throw down challenges at the FIGMENT'S City of Dreams miniature golf, scrawl on the Temple of Truth, gaze upon Lady Liberty and dance
to some of Brooklyn's finest.

The City of Dreams is located at the center of the island, behind Liggett Hall. To get there from the ferry, take a right turn at the top of the hill when you come off the ferry. Then take a left turn when you get to Castle Williams. As you enter Colonels Row, there is a long building on your right. This is Liggett Hall. Cross through the
archway at the center of this building to get to the City of Dreams!

August 1st catch Half Circle (an underground music experience that you do not want to miss!):

August 1st enjoy the Summer Bender v.2 with Staccato and more:

August 1st catch the second One Crazy Summer Art & Music mini fest:

Saturday August 1st - JUJU Beats returns with a bang, featuring Bassnectar, Glitch Mob, and Z-Trip.

August 1st is Boombox:

August 2nd catch Dam Funk at Amoeba records:

NEW YORK: August 2nd I'm gonna try and check out the Pool Parties of Brooklyn for Dan Deacon!!!

August 2nd check out Gaslamp Killer:

August 5th Heat returns with Diz, Cade, Saynt, and Porter Tinsley:

Thursday August 6th is Afro Funke'!!!

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

Jul 28, 2009

New York Day 2 - 7/28

Day 2 in New York started with me sleeping for over 12 hours! I guess I was really tired from the first day!

Once I finally woke up, I headed back out to the city.

On the drive there, it looked like a beautiful day.

But soon, I could see the weather changing.

And by the time I got there, it was a full blown monsoon.

Luckily, it cleared up quickly.

I went back to my old neighborhood, and took a walk through Tompkins Sq. Park.

I walked down my old street (7th Sreet) in the East Village. (2 pcs)

I walked by my old apartment. Oh the memories!

Later that night I finally met up with the good peoples of The Do LaB. Good times were had!

Ended up sleeping on the floor of the hotel room, where my thoughts went to a certain someone..... my thoughts were 'Wandering' for hours before I fell asleep xoxoxo!

So tonight I'm finally meeting up with my old college roommate.... we're going to have a ball in NYC! Watch out!

NEW YORK: Tonight check out this tribute to Sun Ra by King Britt at the World Financial Center:

Saturn Never Sleeps is a carefully curated electronic experience, created by music producer, King Britt and singer/visualist, Rucyl Mills. Combining audio-visual micro-components into a thought altering world of sight and sound. Live musicians of acoustic and electronic inventions come together in creating the sonic bubblebath for your listening pleasure. Visuals add the dimension needed to transport you into a different place.

For this special mission, we are dedicating the night to reconstructing, in an improvisational way, the sounds of jazz legend and fellow dreamer, Sun-Ra.

Our comrades on this show are:

King Britt- Electronics
Rucyl Mills- Vocals and sampling
Tim Motzer- Guitartronics
Damon Bennet- Keyboards and Flute
Jason Senk- Visuals

Tonight in Los Angeles check out Bass Science, Datgirl, and Bartek at Technique:

Also in LA catch Etienne De Crecy and Congorock:

Also tonight in LA check out La Violette @ The Standard Hollywood:

Resident DJ's on the decks every week:







Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT