May 31, 2008

A Poem For A Lover

I wrote this several months ago, thought I would share it now.
From love at first sight,
To love at last sight.
My book of love
Closed last night.

The last chapter,
Filled with love and laughter,
Ended with nothing but
Silence after.

I went back to the beginning,
When I was winning,
And realize,
The story is always beginning.

There is no ending,
Only pretending,
That a broken heart
Isn't worth mending.

A story of lovers.
Loving each other,
Read alone at night,
Without each other.

Hero's and villains.
Twists and turns.
In the conclusion
It's the villain that learns.

Will the hero save the day?
It's not cleared stated.
But they are one and the same,
Or so it will be debated.

And at the end,
If you look again,
The final words,
Secretly handwritten:

This is a poem for my lover,
A letter I am sending,
To make our story,
One never ending.

May 29, 2008

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May 27, 2008

Lightning in a Bottle 2008

So Lightning in a Bottle was beyond amazing....beyond what I surprised me, enlightened me, challenged me, and ultimately inspired me.

The music was excellent, including great performances from Joplin, Body Rock DJ's, Braden, J Boogie, Nosaj Thing, Jupiter, The Glitch Mob, Pnuma Trio (my fav of the weekend), Lucent Dossier, Faith, Wyse, Oso, Kan'Nal, Ruff Hauser, Random Rab, Bassnectar, Zilla, and Adam Freeland.

Truth be told, part of the reason the weekend was so much was because I was with some amazingly down people, some of which I met for the first time.

First thing was a camp roll call.

Wondering around on the Friday night, it was Jordan brought out his duck.

In fact, everything around us was there to play with.

Saturday morning, I started my day off with some good House music from homegirl Joplin.

This is the Indiana Jones river crossing.

Later on Saturday....."Everyone make a funny face"

This is a green MC. He makes all the electricity he needs for his performance on the spot. Plus his rhymes were tight!

Here's Shane, one of my spiritual guides, no literally this dude is stellar!

All the little ground squirrels got driven out of their homes by the rain, and probably by all the bass too.

But everyone was very careful to take care of them.

Sydni was getting high.

The Body Rock DJ's really got down!!!

This was our little "downtown"

Syd and Stacie swanging.

Saturday night, J Hutch, Byers, and I decided to Break on Through to the Other Side. So much fun was had that I barely took my camera out. None during our home made mob scene during Glitch's set, and none during Pnuma Trio where I broke new ground dancing, but I only managed to get this picture....which in a perfect way sums up all the fun we had on our trips.

(And a just a personal note here to my 2 guys were a total inspiration for me! Blessings!)

Anyway, Sunday was much more chill. The main stage was designed so beautifully, all made of bamboo.



The weekend contained soooo much laughter, non of which I can remember, but here is some of our extended crew rocking the camp site.

Next year I am definitely volunteering....look how much fun they were having with trash duty.

Final picture of the weekend was on Monday morning.....

I saw sooo many amazing things, and so many beautiful and creative people, and I decided to not worry about taking too many pictures...because out there, if you stop to take a picture, you might miss your moment! Like all those things that I got to experience...and that we all got to experience!

Thank you to everyone I camped with, you guys are fucking killers! I love you.

Next year -----------> We are all doing it BIG!

May 17, 2008

Return to the natural world

A week from now I will be in the forest dancing and celebrating with fellow neo tribalists, artists, and just good vibes crews.

I can't wait.

May 5, 2008

APHEX TWIN - my musical god

After being a fan for over 10 years, I finally got to see Aphex Twin live.

It was at Coachella 2008.

I found these videos online, which is awesome, cause I was not about to pull my video camera....I wanted to see it 100%.

Here is my guide through his magical set:

First he started off with some of his ambient work.

Then he got into some old school hip hop, and then before I knew it, he was playing some HOUSE MUSIC!!! and classic techno. Hear this part here!

For him to play these kinds of beats is like Picasso using tomato paste.

I was getting down all around the Sahara tent by this point.

And all of a sudden, the tempo started increasing, and increasing.... by the way something that few other DJ's will do, because its so obvious.....but I think that was his point....

and so began the second half of his set....which was fucking madness!!!!

When this other side of Mr. James came out, and it became clear to me that Coachella was getting its mind blown by his barrage of drums and bass.

I love how he finds beauty in the strangest place.

And he closed out the set with, believe it or not, no peace...

Now, before you process all of that, just check out this clip which highlights the whole set.

This is how to appreciate the scope of his mission at Coachella, no America!

I love

my frien​ds

my famil​y

good music​

going​ out as much as possi​ble to hear good music​


danci​ng partn​ers

did i menti​on my frien​ds love to dance​


burni​ng man

light​ning in a bottl​e

fores​ts,​ beach​es,​ mount​ains,​ deser​ts

the first​ kiss

all the other​ kisse​s

sleep​ing in

stayi​ng up late

drink​ing respo​nsibl​y

or just drink​ing


color​ful cloth​ing

baggy​ dicki​es

hikin​g,​ runni​ng,​ swimm​ing,​ baske​tball​


vegi burri​to'​s

my roomm​ate,​ who also happe​ns to be my frien​d,​ who also happe​ns to dance​

makin​g music​

makin​g music​ and getti​ng noise​ compl​aints​

and writi​ng my thoughts for the world to read :) <3