May 31, 2008

A Poem For A Lover

I wrote this several months ago, thought I would share it now.
From love at first sight,
To love at last sight.
My book of love
Closed last night.

The last chapter,
Filled with love and laughter,
Ended with nothing but
Silence after.

I went back to the beginning,
When I was winning,
And realize,
The story is always beginning.

There is no ending,
Only pretending,
That a broken heart
Isn't worth mending.

A story of lovers.
Loving each other,
Read alone at night,
Without each other.

Hero's and villains.
Twists and turns.
In the conclusion
It's the villain that learns.

Will the hero save the day?
It's not cleared stated.
But they are one and the same,
Or so it will be debated.

And at the end,
If you look again,
The final words,
Secretly handwritten:

This is a poem for my lover,
A letter I am sending,
To make our story,
One never ending.

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