Nov 2, 2010

The Do LaB presents VibeSquad, R/D and the Great Mundane

On Thursday November 11th, we're getting our wish granted for 11/11!

The Do LaB is featuring the one and only VibeSquaD. With the release of his brand new album called "The Fire," the VIBE will definitely be on FIRE so bring your SQUAD and let's get down all night! We're also excited to have R/D joining us making this a Crunk-Tastic affair not to miss! Opening the night is The Great Mundane making his Do LaB debut! 

That's a lot of NEW MUSIC!

Presale tickets are now available at:
Hear all the music at:



VibeSquaD is a beloved bass music producer/performer/innovator. His trained musical background contributes to his unique take on bass music, which carries him around the country playing packed clubs coast to coast. His signature sound electrifies audiences and his vibrant stage persona will put a smile on your face!!

* R/D *

From performing at the very first Coachella music festival (and returning THREE more times in '07, '09, '10 at The Do LaB's stage) to perfecting his original music through evolving styles of IDM, electronica, Glitch Hop and beyond, R/D has been winning audiences over with his unique take on electronic dance music!!


Video game deprived and pop culturally challenged, The Great Mundane takes listeners on a journey exploring the complexities and intricacies of his minimalist and innovative approach to beatmaking. He invents fractured, heady instrumentals laced with lush synthesizer work that navigate the terrain of forward thinking hip-hop and electro/house, all while exhibiting genuine emotion and talented production skills!!

- - This show is presented by The Do LaB - -

The Do LaB is a Los Angeles based company specializing in interactive environments, event production and creative lighting design all in service of its highest mission: creating experience as art form. Taking an organic approach to everything they design and create, the Do LaB team strives to bring their visions to life with natural materials, found objects and sustainable resources.

Whether producing an event or music festival or building an installation for touring around the world, the Do LaB is committed to the highest levels of art, production, and aesthetic to always challenge people’s preconceived notions of reality and what is possible.


This event is 21+

Date & Time:
Thursday November 11th - 9pm-2am

King King
6555 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(entrance is in the back)

Tickets are on sale for $15 in advance / $20 at the door

Get your advance tickets here:

See you all on the dancefloor!

Oct 30, 2010

Halloween with The Do LaB, Beats Antique, Eliot Lipp, Jeremy Sole and LYNX

Halloween with The Do LaB is gonna be nuts. Beats Antique will be playing tracks off their new album, Eliot Lipp and Jeremy Sole will be firing everyone up throughout the night, and we've got tons of Halloween surprises planned.

Games, contests, and other ridiculousness are going to make it a night to remember! (who could forget the legendary side show fun fair??)

Show your creativity and win the best costume contest!!! 1st Place prize is a ticket to LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE!

It all goes down on Saturday October 30th at the mysterious Music Box in Los Angeles. (This event is ALL AGES / 21+ to drink)

We have a limited number of tickets available through BeTicketing with much lower fees than Ticketmaster - get em before they're gone! Presale tickets are on sale now for $22.50 online. Tickets will also be available at the door (minus the service fees) if the show isn't sold out by then!



"From under the shelter of world acoustic music’s canopy, live electronica has bred a new beast built of brass band and glitch, dubstep and glockenspiel: the musical trio Beats Antique."

Since the group’s conception in the wild underground of San Francsico’s performance art scene, Beats Antique has been notorious for making it nearly impossible to sit still. The trio create a unique collage: an animalistic, raw musical event that blurs the lines between the provocative, the spiritual, and the artistic, while still maintaining an allegiance to the muses of class and beauty.


Eliot Lipp didn’t choose to become one of the most looked to artists in contemporary electronic music, but somehow, Lipp’s sound has quickly garnered the respect among the industry’s most influential musicians and producers as well as the deep admiration among audiences worldwide. Lipp’s signature sound, a crossbreed of 90’s Hip Hop and House, 70’s Funk fusion as well as classic Electro, has and will continue to breakdown barriers and transpose trendy scenes.


Jeremy's list of accomplishments is incredible. They include being the co-founder of Afro Funke' 7 years ago, to sharing the stage with Sly Stone, Roy Ayers, Ben Harper, Stevie Wonder, and he was the last DJ to open for Ray Charles and the 1st to DJ for Barack Obama's victory celebration. If that wasn't enough, for the last 3 years, he has been hosting a show on the LA based radio station KCRW.

* LYNX *

LYNX, an innovative singer songwriter originally from Colorado and now the Bay Area has been playing music and performing since the age of 7. Now 25, she has been breaking new ground on both the live and electronic music scenes. LYNX’s Music combines elements of folk, electronica and many other genres. She is just as at home playing her guitar and singing in a living room as she is MCing with some the hottest DJs around. Her second full length solo album, On the Horizon, will be soon be available to purchase online!

* This show is presented by THE DO LAB *

Whether producing an event or music festival or building an installation for touring around the world, the Do LaB is committed to the highest levels of art, production, and aesthetic to always challenge people’s preconceived notions of reality and what is possible.


The Venue:
The Music Box
6126 Hollywood Blvd (at Gower)
Los Angeles, CA 90028

This event is All Ages / 21+ to drink

We have a limited number of tickets available through BeTicketing with much lower fees than Ticketmaster - get em before they're gone!

Presale tickets are on sale now for $22.50 online. Tickets will also be available at the door (minus the service fees) if the show isn't sold out by then!

For Press Inquiries please contact:

Oct 28, 2010

A Burner Halloween 2010

Halloween is like Burning Man for everyone else.

Here is a list of Halloween themed events from and for LA Burners (and yet-to-be-burners of course):

Friday October 29th

GEARS & TEETH (An Anachronistic Nightmare)


Saturday October 30th

The Do LaB presents Beats Antique, Eliot Lipp & Jeremy Sole

PeAgZ Presents EvErYbOdY gEtS sLaYeD aFtA pArTy...

DUSTINATION: Sticky Halloween, part 2

Pocket Invasion 2010 - San Diego


Sunday October 31st


All Weekend Long

3 Day Outdoor HALLOWEEN Gathering - Green Sector, Psytribe, and more

Wear your best costumes to win all the costume contests including the Do LaB's ticket giveaway for Lightning in a Bottle 2010 this Saturday at the Beats Antique show!!!

Oct 15, 2010

Kether presents Equalize #2 feat. Jupit3r!

Kether is proud to bring you our 2nd event in the FX series.

Equalize will showcase an amazing array of up and coming producers. We are also proud to bring back Novatron for his first L.A. Appearance in over a


$10 - 11pm
$20 After

Richard Sweat

*Inside Time Slots*
9 - Richard Sweat
10 - GoldRush
11 - Sugarpill
12 - Jupit3r
1 - novaTRON
2 - Kether
3 - Earthsteppa
4 - Auditory Canvas


The Fallen

Visuals by: K T Glimmer
Special Installation by: B.O.B.

(Innerflight / Seattle)

The sonic wizard that exists on this Earth as novaTRON is a designer of musical experience that continues to defy categorization. An animal like no other, novaTRON creates completely original beats that are improvised on the fly on the "TRON BOX", a self-constructed constellation of audio hardware that includes: sequencers, sythnesizer, samplers and EFX ... The music born from the marriage of the mind of a mad scientist and the Tron Box is a unique symphony of breakbeats, a reality twisted into a science of experimentation that combines to form an aural experience that can only be lived in the present.
novaTRON’s organic live sets capture the ephemeral nature of art and existence and strap it down with a thick layer of bass before letting it go on it’s way out to the world and into your body. His beats take you on a trip through multiple realms of reality with a professor of phunk at the helm.... novaTRON is a master of the moment who continues to push the limits of electronica with each and every new set.


(Muti / LA)

Kether wants to take the world's dance floor addicts on the ultimate journey. No expectations, no affiliations, using just the biggest bass lines, the crunchiest beats, and the sharpest melodies, Kether creates a sense of urgency... the moment to let loose and get wild is right now! Don't miss out!

Kether is Tim Hauser and Stephan Jacobs.... Two very talented West Coast "bass-music" natives, combining forces to create the future in maximal, electronica, ghettotech, and dirty dance beats! The Kether vibe is always going to be driven by underground grime and bass, with some pretty melodies sprinkled on top for the ladies.

Eager to explore new territories and push their own boundaries, Tim and Stephan have set their sites on the dance floor. They want to move people, make their hearts race, and get the party jumping!


(The Do Lab)

For over 10 years Jupit3r has been enlightening souls all over Southern California with his elusive brew of a com-binding element of glitch-hop, threaded into a bass indulged, Dubstep WOMP!

Jupit3r has become a well-loved and devout member of the West Coast underground music community and a sub-culture favorite everywhere from notorious covert spots like Space Island, to international festivals, including Ireland's Electric Picnic, The Coachella Music & Arts Festival, All Points West festival, Rothbury festival,Lightning in a Bottle, Lucent Lamour and Burning Man. He has had the honor of opening for extraordinary artist like The Glitch Mob, Tipper, Bassnectar, Z-Trip, and Adam Freeland, Antennae,Sub Swara, Beats Antique, Heavywieght Dub Champion, Vibesquad, Mimosa, Kether, and RD, to name a few.


(Quade, CleanBinger)


(Daly City Records, Glitch.FM)

Specializing in bouncing bass, sideways beats and experiments of noise, Sugarpill is a master of both the creation and delivery of polytemponic glitch. Residing in Los Angeles yet living in a twisted world of sound, this young artist stays dosed to the eyelids in chopped-up samples, meticulously tweaked beats and obese waves of bass. Sugarpill seamlessly merges his techy sensibility and immaculate production skills without ever losing the inherent sexiness of the beats, and this multidimensional musical approach unites EDM fans across a vast spectrum of genres and tempos.

His original tracks combined with explosive live DJ sets confirm for the producer a powerful spot at the forefront of West Coast future sound. Crossing genres effortlessly and employing a rich variety of styles, his lively and intense sound is best described as a party- and that is exactly what Sugarpill brings to the dance floor.



GoldRush, absorbed in the current resonant energies and profound experience of dancing to/through/within/above/beyond bass heavy music, is on a humble quest to create and ensemble music that inspires Romanticism through Dubstep influenced composition.
GoldRush, In humble infancy, is sweating through molten sound and clarifying reflective intention in hopes to one day bring you what you want : the Gold.


*Richard Sweat*

Oct 14, 2010

The Do LaB presents David Starfire, El Papachango and SaQi - October 14

Up next The Do LaB presents

David Starfire, El Papachango, and SaQi

At the King King in Hollywood on Thursday October 14th

Click here to BUY TICKETS for The Do LaB presents David Starfire, El Papachango, and SaQi!

Join us on Thursday October 14th for a night of body-and-soul-moving-music featuring David Starfire, El Papachango and SaQi!

Prepare for a sonic journey around the world, as we'll leave no genre unexplored, fusing eclectic world rhythms and sounds with electro, ragga, hiphop, dubstep, breaks, and all sort's of delicious bass frequencies!

To purchase advanced tickets visit:

-- The Line Up --


David Starfire is a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. His production style is eclectic, fusing world music with dance and hip hop and everything in between. He's signed to Six Degrees records (The Orb, Michael Franti) and has performed at major festivals across North America. He’s developed quite a following and his unique sound is catching the ears of music fans across the globe.

This will be a special show with a visual installation by VJ Culture, live performers and a rockin DJ set as well! Performers featured are iCatching, Sherri Wheatley and more special guests to be added!

learn more at :


Half papa, half monkey, really means Universe! Diego Novoa aka El Papachango grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he began his career as sound engineer and dj, tinkering around with speakers and amps at the ripe age of fifteen.

They call him El Papachango because he mixes from a diverse palette of electro, ragga, breaks, and hip-hop, creating a musical journey that has Universal appeal: sassy, playful, suave, and sometimes downright naughty, but always with a spicy Latin flavor.

* SAQI *

The Portland-based artist saQi is a classically trained composer, producer and trumpet player. Drawing his name from the Sufi title for a mystic muse, saQi creates eclectic electronica that maintains a balance between organic and synthesized sound. His live sets rock the dance floor while maintaining a grace and musical depth to engage the listener. The music is never limited by genre, tempo or any other stylistic elements. Allegiance to the creative flow and its truest expression thereof is saQi’s manifesto.

-- This show is presented by The Do LaB --

The Do LaB is a Los Angeles based company specializing in interactive environments, event production and creative lighting design all in service of its highest mission: creating experience as art form. Taking an organic approach to everything they design and create, the Do LaB team strives to bring their visions to life with natural materials, found objects and sustainable resources.

Whether producing an event or music festival or building an installation for touring around the world, the Do LaB is committed to the highest levels of art, production, and aesthetic to always challenge people’s preconceived notions of reality and what is possible.

-- Show Details --

*This event is 21+

Ticket prices:
$15 in advance / $20 at the door

To purchase advance tickets visit:
To purchase advanced tickets visit:

Date & Time:
Thursday September 23rd - 9pm-2am

King King
6555 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

See you on the dancefloor!

The Do LaB

Stay connected with The Do LaB online

Sep 28, 2010

Burial & Kode9 in the mix

Remember hearing these tracks on Mary Anne Hobbs last experimental show on BBC1 and liking them. I like soulful tracks!


Track listing:
1.Darkstar - 2 Chords (Burial X Kode9 mix)
2.Zomby - Natalia's Song (Burial X Kode9 mix)


Sep 26, 2010

Creation, descruction and ReBirth!

This is the most important cycle for all forms of life.... and it's the one WE avoid going through the most.

It's the most important one because it helps break all the other cycles that people go through.

It also relates to how we create the relationships in our lives, and how we sometimes destroy them as well.

But more importantly, I'm thinking about how we Re-Create them.

Everything changes... everyone is growing and hopefully moving forward together.

To be healthy (and happy) means that you need to be willing to Create, Destroy, and Re-Create YOURSELF.

Sep 20, 2010

New Do LaB fliers for Beats Antique/Eloit Lipp/Jeremy Sole on October 30th!

I just picked up the newest fliers for The Do LaB's Halloween event featuring Beats Antique, Eloit Lipp, and Jeremy Sole at The Music Box in Los Angeles on Saturday October 30th!!

The back of flyer features a photograph from The Do LaB stage at Boom Festival!

- Posted from Jordan's iPhone

Kenny Dope - Get on Down

Listening to this track, which I heard for the first time when Bassnectar dropped it in a sunrise set at a festival.

Great song to inspire some positive action, dancing, and romancing.

The Do LaB presents Bluetech, Emancipator & Laura Escudé Thursday Septemner 23rd in Los Angeles

The Do LaB presents

Bluetech, Emancipator & Laura Escudé

At the King King in Hollywood on Thursday September 23rd

The Do LaB
(click flyer for details!)

Click here to BUY TICKETS for The Do LaB presents Bluetech & Emancipator!

We are extremely excited to be bringing Bluetech along with Emancipator back to the King King on Thursday September 23rd! To be completely honest, they are two of our favorite! They both blew our minds and lifted our hearts during Lightning in a Bottle! Did we mention that they're brilliant electronic musicians?? Well they are!!!

Along with Laura Escudé opening the show, this is going to be a night of world class music, new and old friends, and tons of beautiful smiling faces.

To purchase advanced tickets visit:

-- The Line Up --


A classically trained pianist and master of the art of software production. Bluetech's love of the melodic and exquisite sense of sound design makes him one of the most ingenius producers today. Avoiding limitation by subgenre or stylistic restrictions, he is always looking to explore fresh ideas with his instantly recognizable attention to detail and unique production aesthetic. While encompassing musical touches from different parts of the globe, he presents a total blend, crossing genres and borders.

Bluetech has created a label called Native State Records to release his own music and music from other artists who cross boundaries between ambient/chill and more idm/experimental sounds. Not content to stay at home, Bluetech has toured extensively and performed in Japan, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Croatia, France, Denmark, Mexico, United States, and Canada.


To some, it must seem like this young electronic producer came out of nowhere this year. Emancipator played his first live show in July 2009, opening for Bonobo at the Roseland Theater (cap. 1500). Since then, he’s toured with Bassnectar, STS9, Pretty Lights, drawn crowds at festivals like Trinumeral and Symbiosis, and closed out Sound Tribe Sector 9’s late night parties in Denver at the request of the band.

Those in the know have been following Emancipator since he self-released his first album, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough, at the age of 19 in 2006. His agile melodies layered over headnodic, immaculately-produced beats captivated fans across the internet and across the world.

His latest album “Safe In The Steep Cliffs” blends new instrumentation and organic samples with the signature Emancipator style of clean production, silky melodies and addictive drums. Dense layers of choirs, horns, American folk instruments such as the banjo and mandolin, violin and some distinct Asian influences make for a playful but refined album built out of intricate tracks listeners can enjoy on as many levels as they want. Dance to it, chill out to it, immerse your mind in it.


Laura Escudé is a critically-acclaimed music technologist, violinist, composer, sound designer and educator.

A Renaissance artist for the New Age, Laura's mastery of cutting edge musical technologies and experimental techniques, complemented with her classical training and experience performing in symphony orchestras, sets her apart in a class of her own. Her solo project encompasses a myriad of genres, utilizing live electronics, synthesis, found sounds, samples and violin affected by hardware and software.

-- This show is presented by The Do LaB --

Based in Downtown Los Angeles, The Do LaB is an ensemble cast of creatives ranging from artists, event producers, lighting designers, DJs, constructors, welders, costumers, musicians, and the performance troupe Lucent Dossier.

Since 2000, The Do LaB has been dedicated to treating experience itself as the art form. Their exceptional annual events–including the Lighting in a Bottle Music Festival–and jaw-dropping, large-scale art environments, have been attracting a devoted following among the West Coast’s underground creative community, and around the world. While bringing the visions of their home-grown art collective to life, The Do LaB has evolved into a respected event creations company, winning over major brands, music festivals, and trade-shows, with their unparalleled creativity and innovation.

-- Show details --

Ticket prices: $15 advance presale / $20 at the door

To purchase advanced presale tickets visit:

King King
6555 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

*This event is 21+

See you on the dancefloor!

*Glitch.Fm will be hosting a special preview radio show on Tuesday Sept. 21st. Stay tuned for details!

Stay connected with The Do LaB online

Lack of Blog

Why haven't I been keeping my blog updated?

It's party because I've been very busy this entire year. And it's partly because I haven't been a disciplined writer.

But it's also because I haven't had a great way to post on the GO.

My Twitter has been very active, mainly because I could microblog from anywhere.

Well I finally got a new App today and I'm ready to get back into the full swing of writing about all this Love Life and Laughter!!

Let's Adventure!

- Posted from Jordan's iPhone

Aug 16, 2010


Just found this song via ISO50 blog ->

"Sleep Tight" by The Rollerskaters instantly struck a note with me ;)

*download the song for free via pitchfork ->

Find The Rollerskates on Myspace.

Jul 16, 2010

It's gonna be a beautiful day!

Who am I?


I am Jordan.

Outside of that... I am what I do.

I am so busy doing what I do... that I don't have time to do what I do!

if that makes any sense :)

(ps i found what i sought!)

Jul 10, 2010

Kether performing tonight at Area 33

Kether are performing tonight in Los Angeles!

Time: 1:30am-3am

Location: Area 33 - 11822 Teale Street, Culver City, CA 90230

Check out this brand new track:

Mythicus by Kether Music

Jul 7, 2010

Never Quit Creating - the Facebook saga begins

Never Quit Creating is (finally) on Facebook.

It's even got a custom URL ->

If that URL is too long for you, try ->

Get to visiting and hopefully "LIKING" it (mmmm sounds good right?!)

Never Quit Creating

Never Quit Creating = Music + Cinema + Interactive Arts + Community + Events

Sharing is caring

All my blog posts now have SHARING buttons including easy ways to:
1. email
2. reblog
3. tweet
4. facebook share
5. buzz on google

If you like what you read, I hope you will take a moment to share it with your friends and network :)

Take a look at the very end of this post for the share buttons ---->

Why I LOVE writing

I like to write.

I have liked to write since Jr High school!

In 1994 I read Douglas Coupland's "Life After God". In 1995 I saw the film "Basketball Diaries" (and consequently began reading Jim Carroll.) The film inspired me to start keeping my own journal, which is over 10 years strong now! I discovered other authors like Tom Robbins, E.E. Cummings, and books like The Catcher in the Rye, Another Roadside Attraction and even The Power of Now. Along with books and films, I LOVED music, and[especially] music with good lyrics.

And somewhere along that road of inspiration, I found that I loved to write...

Graffiti... The list goes on.

I love writing so much, that I have been too busy to do it.... at least in the long form. As you can tell from my TWITTER page, I love writing (currently 5,846 tweets)

So in essence, the purpose of this post is to remind MYSELF how much I love writing.

Oh and since the proof is in the pudding, here is a poem I wrote a looooong long time ago:


Through the passing of time


moving through phases

I've always been a lover in love

Not only the words (dazed) ...the actions as well

And time tells

me that everyday

every way I touched you

led us to now

as if again in a moment when decisions shape character

and each walk, an adventure

lasted a time, life, time

is back around, and again i walk on the ground

to the park beautiful 

in the swings youthful

and all this just a memory of both yesterday and today,
infinity until tomorrow

thanks are in order, but by no means just this short order,

instead i want more, 

as more can be only what is given, would settle to see how you are livin', 

a redelivered letter, would be best, but better would be to just sea

 (a ship, made of friend, made in moments, that had no end, 
instead more, across borders, 
stars possibly shared, through space, 
through time, 
again your face.)

again your face...

(if anyone can guess what music video this still image is taken from, I will write you a custom poem, using all of your favorite words, for free!!)

Jun 16, 2010

Working on the new site!!!


WOW... TIME is moving! Right NOW I am working on the *N*E*W* site.


... which will feature a brand new design and functionality for LOVE LIFE LAUGHTER!!

It's basically going to be huge, fun, and you're new hang out spot on the internet... besides facebook!

May 27, 2010

What does Lightning in a Bottle mean to me?

For the last several months I have been working with The Do LaB (the crew of folks I love) on Lightning in a Bottle!

For those who don't know (anyone?) LIB is a festival that features
some of the most amazing music, art, performances, workshops,
speakers, yoga classes and more. It is a 4+ day camping festival that
is very focused on being a 'green' or sustainable annual event.

100's of people work to make the event possible (literally!) and for
many months.

Why am I working on this event?? That's simple: I loved the experience
I had the first two times I went!

And so today (the day the gates will open at LIB) marks the end of a
2+ year journey for me that started at the end of the last LIB
festival (2008).

Here's a quick insight into what happened then: I went to LIB for the
second time in 2008 and had a very profound and inspirational
experience. It was partly because of the people I shared the event
with and partly because of the magic of the intentions I was making
for my life at that time... but when it was all over I realized how
important this community of people was to me.

And I realized I had to be a part of it all.

I realized that I had to give back to the community and festivals/
events that had helped me discover new art, new ways of thinking, new
ways of interacting with my peers, and new definitions of what even
society means as a whole.

And for months and months I emailed The Do LaB to volunteer.
Something... Anything. I always saw them as the BEST at what they
DO... The ultimate crew to run with....

And to make a long (and amazing, wonderful, rewarding) story short:
Here I am...

A Part of It All!!!!!

And what is my intention now? That's also simple: To celebrate what we
have all accomplished... To celebrate all the creativity, love, hard
work, and dedication that EVERYONE has put into this event! And I also
intend to be fully present in the moments that are about to happen.

Don't blink this weekend, because capturing something as elusive as
Lightning, in something as small and fragile as a Bottle, is a rare
and awe inspiring thing to see!

With that, I leave you with some details about this years event!

Get all the General Event Information

Check out the Music/Performance Schedule

Weekend & Day tickets now available here!

Oak Canyon Ranch
5305 Santiago Canyon rd.
Irvine, CA


Venue pictures:

Lightning in a Bottle map:

See you @ LIB!!!

May 19, 2010

Timonkey's "Gaian Glitch-Hop Mix"

Listen to (& download) Timonkey's newest mix. It's super fresh!

Gaian Glitch-Hop by Timonkey

"Here's a DJ set of my favorite original midtempo cuts from over the years. Tracks, loops, and layers are all taken from my releases "Cerulea" "Cloudcity" and "Molecular Forest", as well as Metaphor's "Historic Pathways of Awakening".

Details at:

The Lightning in a Bottle theme song!!

The Do LaB are about to present the 10th annual Lightning in a Bottle Music, Art and Camping festival!

...and this is the theme song by Sweet Snacks!

Enjoy and see you in the forest!

Re->conceptualizing Myself...

Wait, wait.... no nevermind. I'm still a human with the following intention/motivation:

Love Life Laughter is a blog based out of LA about the music, art, and culture that is my life!

Let the new adventures re-begin!

♥ ∞ :)

Apr 21, 2010

The Do LaB rocked Coachella 2010!



To say "epic", some would say I am overstating it....

But to those who were there all weekend, and to anyone that was just passing through...

it was EPIC!

The Do LaB out did themselves on all fronts!

Apr 7, 2010

$ ≠ Love, Life, or Laughter

$ ≠ Love, Life, or Laughter...... That's why this blog has always been, and will always be an Ad-Free Blog!

Apr 6, 2010

Stephan Jacobs & Jupit3r Take Over LA

LA is in for a treat.... you've got 3 chances to catch these amazing talents in LA this week!

Stephan Jacobs is playing tonight, Jupit3r is playing Friday, and both are performing this Saturday!

Tonight Stephan Jacobs is playing at Zanzibar in Santa Monica at 11pm - 12:15am. Click here for event info!

On Friday Jupit3r will be opening for the legendary Burner band, The Mutaytor. Click here for event info!

And on Saturday both guys are playing at the War of the Roses party... Stephan is playing via his other project, Kether. Click here for event info!

Ka-Pow Los Angeles!!

Apr 1, 2010

29 Reasons to Smile

Wow.... time flies!


I just celebrated my birthday last week, and that's always a good moment to reflect.

I couldn't be much more blessed..... and I have never been so aware!

Hyperaware..... so aware in fact that I have NO TIME left to follow all these pathes....

But there is one path....

And it's built on a love for creativity, and a drive to understand even the meaning of the word love.

The Universe is Creative..... but more on that later.

I've got to conclude this blog post, and get back to WORK! Oh work... you are the best ever!

Stay tuned readers.... soon there will be a new website... and all of this will be even more FUN!

ps.... some music to inspire:

Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life

Mar 25, 2010

The Do LaB presents KRADDY and Vibesquad tonight

(click image)

[FREE Downloads at the END of this POST]

The Do LaB is very excited to bring our good friends KRADDY and VibeSquaD to Los Angeles! And with the help of Heavyweight Dub Champion it's going to be another BASS-tastic night at the King King....

-- The Line Up --


Known as a pioneer of electronic music, KRADDY is one of the most innovative and remarkable artists of his day. He stands as a visionary in his field, a fresh voice that spans genres and artistic style. Hybridizing hip hop, dubstep and dancehall with digital edits and cuts, KRADDY's music is a voice from the future awakening our ears and minds to what is yet to come.

As a founding member of the Glitch Mob, KRADDY continued to innovate the sound and possibilities of digital music. It was during this time that KRADDY released "Android Porn", a track hailed as the anthem of the "glitch hop" genre. With its epic melody, dramatic builds and unrelenting beats and bass, "Android Porn" marked a milestone in the creation of a sound so fresh, no one had a name for it. After several more well-received releases with the Glitch Mob, KRADDY struck off on his own to pursue his solo career as a producer and performer where he continues to tour worldwide with his futuristic fission of dubstep, hip hop and dancehall.

Also highly anticipated in 2010, KRADDY plans to release 4 EPs, each with a different theme. Based on his recent remix work, his fans and fellow producers alike eagerly await to see how KRADDY will reinvent the game once again.


Growing up under the influence of music from everything like Sugar Hill Gang to Kraftwerk to The Cure to Phish, Aaron Holstein now makes music as VibeSquaD. He has released 5 albums of earth shattering bass and body moving rhythms, and his aim is best put in his own words: "I am dedicated to making music that vibrates POSITIVITY, LOVE, and LIGHT… w/ ridiculous amounts of BASS & a nasty-ass beat of course"


Sonic Shamanistic Alchemy - Founded in a log cabin at 9,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado, and now based in San Francisco, California, Heavyweight Dub Champion is a movement of interdimensional warriors representing the Army of the Last Champion. Firmly rooted in hip hop, dancehall, dub and electronic music, and performed on more than 50 channels of vintage analog and digital gear, the band has gained much notoriety and a growing following from its high-intensity and visually captivating live performances. Founder and Last Champion Manifesto author Resurrector transcends space and time wielding an arsenal of deep revolutionary audio with support from a revolving crew of co-conspirators that include Totter Todd, Dr. Israel, A.P.O.S.T.L.E, Jillian Ann, MC Azeem and Stero-Lion. At the collective’s core is the universal intention of inspiration, mind expansion and transformation through creative expression - all of which manifests in their collective artistic performance known as The Liberation Process.

-- Show details --

To purchase advanced tickets visit:

King King
6553 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

*This event is 21+

-- This show is presented by The Do LaB --

Based in Downtown Los Angeles, The Do LaB is an ensemble cast of creatives ranging from artists, event producers, lighting designers, DJs, constructors, welders, costumers, musicians, and the performance troupe Lucent Dossier.

Since 2000, The Do LaB has been dedicated to treating experience itself as the art form. Their exceptional annual events–including the Lighting in a Bottle Music Festival–and jaw-dropping, large-scale art environments, have been attracting a devoted following among the West Coast’s underground creative community, and around the world. While bringing the visions of their home-grown art collective to life, The Do LaB has evolved into a respected event creations company, winning over major brands, music festivals, and trade-shows, with their unparalleled creativity and innovation.

Stay tuned for what's coming next!

-->Buy tickets early because this show will show out!!!<--

Download free tracks and music below:

KRADDY's West Manifesto

Classic KRADDY mix

Love Step Vol 1 mix by VibeSquaD

HyperThreadz mix by VibeSquad

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Mar 19, 2010

Stephan Jacobs invites fans to collaborate on his next track

Why just listen to your favorite artist's music when you can HELP THEM WRITE THE MUSIC?

Stephan Jacobs is definitely onto something!!!

Tune in tonight to his Ustream channel at 6pm to ask questions and help Stephan write his next tune! *Be sure to SIGN UP & CREATE A USER NAME if you don't have one already to participate in the chat room!

But wait... it gets better! When the track is done, he'll make it available as a free download that you can share with the world.

RSVP to the Facebook event page to get the song download link!

Share on Twitter!

Visit Stephan Jacob's website... to hear a LOT of his original music!!!

Tune in on USTREAM. (link coming later today)

He will begin broadcasting and working on the new song at 6pm.... and RSVP on the Facebook event page here so we can send you the finished track as a free download!

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Mar 16, 2010

Jupit3r vs Stephan Jacobs

As you may know, I am currently representing Jupit3r and Stephan Jacobs and they are playing a special tag team set tonight on the west side.


1301 5th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

9pm- 2am
21+ w/ valid ID required
$5 cover all night w/ RSVP

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Mar 13, 2010

An Offering for tonight

The Confluence & Temple of Visions present

A night of joy and celebration to keep the Temple of Visions a place of unity and transformation for us all.

2 stages of music featuring:

Imagika (
Michele Bass (
Rudelgin (Space Island)
Chris B. (Portal Patch)
Brad (Moontribe)
DELA (Moontribe)
Sugarpill (
Nero (JaBHa)
& special guests

Live art by:

Amanda Sage
Michael Divine
Krystle Smith
Lindsay Swan

Silent Art Auction

Raw Food by Living Art

Illuminations by DBlock


11822 Teale Street
Culver City, CA 90230

21+ with ID

Purchase Tickets:


Hoodathunk Entertainment

Wagatail Productions

99 High Collective


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Mar 11, 2010

Downtown Art Walk is tonight!

I'll be at the Downtown Art Walk tonight.... spreading the good word about all things THE DO LAB .

With all the great art to see, make sure you stop by this opening show curated by some good friends of mine Michael Russek and Deborah Vogt.

DIALECT is proud to present: L.Croskey

Opening Reception March 11th, 5-11pm

About L. Croskey

One wouldn’t think that a collage artist, working with glue and paper would have once been bombing the streets of LA, but back in the 80’s Leonard Croskey known to everyone as LC, used to by the name of King Kaoski and ran with Pasadena grafitti crew, IBM: Images Beyond Mentality. This once strictly street art man then stretched his creative palate and turned to fashion and studied design for two years. This love for design is now the grafitti artist and fashion designer turned into a collage artist.
LC’s art combines grafitti’s movement and color with the design and pattern making of fashion. Collage is the creative outlet that brings his two different talents together and produces a new kind of image. An image with clean tight lines that reflect those of the modern digital arts with a graffiti bounce, except LC leaves the computer behind and lets paper, glue and scissors be the means to an artistic end. Inspired by vintage and pin up art, design and advertising, LC creates a world of imagination, a very distincet world of his own, an image that reflects a metaphor or fantasy or delusion, a false paradise. By using magazines and books ranging from vintage pin up to children’s books and numerous others, he takes these classic beauties and other collected images and places them in a modern design setting. Years of collected wrapping paper, wallpaper, scrap booking paper and magazines are the materials LC uses to build this girl inspired world, luring you in to find out that the story might actually be saying more than what it may have initially eluded to. LC’s art is a diary of emotions from his past and the lessons he has learned from these various, funny, sometimes dark relationships, and sometimes just good old fashioned sex.

LC is one of the most formidable forces in the contemporary art scene in LA today, curating shows and presenting and inspiring emerging artists with a multitude of events and galleries, including Cannibal Flower.

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Mar 6, 2010

Jupit3r & Smog tonight - 3/6

Tonight Jupit3r is playing at this dubstep/electro event benefiting Haiti... and you should go!


Also tonight my good homie Drew from the Smog crew is bringing you another night of great dubstep talent.


Check out a free mix from Shackleton:
Shackleton - MAH MIX September 2009 by Surefire

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Mar 5, 2010

Mission:X & Illumanotic

Tonight is an important night for several reasons....

1) The two artists I represent Jupit3r and Stephan Jacobs are both performing tonight (two separate sets and then a special tag-team set at 2 different amazing events)

2) There are two great events tonight, one of which is a fundraiser for a friend I respect very much, Xavier!

MISSION:X is amazing event, featuring a ton of my good friends, all coming together to support our friend Xavier! Don't miss out on a great night of music, as well as a chance to witness the pour of our community coming together! With music by Ruffhouser, Imagika, Oscure, Stephan Jacobs, and Jupit3r! Over 25 artists total!

Piscean Reborn

Xavier wants to Walk. Let's help Xavier walk again!
We are having a 'help-heal-X-charity-party!!!' Or if you prefer, the theme will be,


This Friday, March 5, 8pm-6am, just 13 days before Xavier’s 33rd birthday, come out and play with us! Incredible DJ’s, Aerialists, Fire Performers, Singers, Painters, are all donating their energies for this cause. It's an amazing opportunity for our community to come together for a very specific and worthwhile cause...

OUR GOAL FOR THIS EVENING WILL BE $10,000. I know we can do it!

If you cannot attend, but would like to help, we are also graciously accepting donations though a paypal account.

(To buy tickets go to the link below. Please check the "gift" box, so a transaction fee will not be assessed. Tickets are $20.00 The amount field is blank. If buying tickets for more than one person in a transaction; please specify in the notes the names corresponding with the purchase or we will assume that the amount is for one ticket and donations. Amounts less than twenty will be considered a donation. )


here's the link!

Xavier and I both thank you all for this continuing love and support.

Musical Performance by:
JUPIT3R (TheDoLab ~
RUFF HAUSER (Space Island, Kether, Handsome Sandwich)
RUDELGIN (Space Island, Handsome Sandwich)
POD (LABA, Space Island)

Fabulous performances include:
Fire by RIF (Ryan Parks)
Aerial by ANGEL (Scarlet Harlet Project)
Aerial and Fire by STAR (Michelle Lavon
Aerial by ALICIA

Live Painting by:

ALL 5 LIVE PAINTINGS, Renaissance Cloak, Native American Lakota Shawl, Vintage Jewelry, Limited Edition Picasso Plate, Massage, Flapper Purse and Belt

Each prize has a separate raffle, so bring funds for tickets!

Roving photography by CuriousJosh (
(all photographers welcome! -Josh)

Videography by Smitty & AT

Enjoy yourself at the LALA PLEASURE FAIRY station

Private Party
Suggested Donation $20 (or more)
Mesmer Ave & Jefferson Blvd, 90230
(We will have a guide in the grocery store parking lot, near the recycling shack, to show you the way.)

I would like to share some things about my big brother, Xavier Cross. My name is Michelle LaVon, but I'm also known as Star or Starburst.

You might already know and love him. Maybe you have seen or heard of him around our community. His caring, fun-loving, and hardworking nature have placed him dearly in the hearts of many people.

As his sister, I have been blessed with a lifetime of his inspiration and dedication. When we were children we played basketball and ran track together. We hiked over mountains and played like normal children do.

On August 13, 1999, months after having served in the US marine core, everything changed for Xavier. On that morning, he and a buddy were involved in an automobile accident. Xavier was ejected from his vehicle and then it rolled over on top of them both. After a full day in a coma Xavier woke up in the hospital to a drastically different reality. He had severed his vertebrae in ten separate places, broken multiple ribs, endured a severe head injury, and sustained numerous gashes and cuts throughout his body. After many surgeries, he slowly began his long recovery. The doctor’s original prognosis was summed up like this, "You are lucky to be alive, so be glad you're only in a wheelchair."

The "roller-pig", as Xavier preferred to call it, was his sole means of movement for over a year. But Xavier was too stubborn to believe that he would never walk again.

At first Xavier experienced no feeling from the chest down. Slowly, however, his nerves began to work again and he began to feel intense pain in his legs (which he still endures to this day). The doctors called this pain 'nerve-shocks'. It is a mystery why he has no feeling through most of his legs but still experiences these 'nerve-shocks'. The experts have yet to understand this about Xavier's condition.

After many months of rehabilitation Xavier started to understand how to work with his new body and deal with this new pain. He often tries to conceal it from those around him. I see him go through it on a day to day basis. But through all of this, he does not complain nor allow for any self-pity. He remains positive. This has always amazed and inspired me.

It has been and continues to be his strength of will that pushes him forward. The mobility that Xavier now has, is partially possible from two leg braces he must wear: up to the thigh on the left leg, and up to the knee on the right.

A few years ago life started to dramatically change again for Xavier. The first night he and I stepped into Space Island, a shift occurred. On this night, he first met the pirate family who would grow to love him. This meeting would lead to his 2005 arrival on the black rock playa for the first time. Many of us will agree that the playa can certainly test an individual on their first burn, and it made no exception for Xavier!

Within only a few hours, he had lost everything from his pockets and broke both his leg braces. But this was his gauntlet to run through and come out the other side. ('Thank you!' to those who helped his journey through that burn.) Upon his return to LA, I watched as he pulled his body into our apartment. He had experienced the playa w/ hardships that none of us will ever be able to imagine. He was exhausted and broken... but he was happy... Like so many before him, he too had found his Home.

It wasn't the dust, or the parties or the music, or even the art. Home was, for him, the discovery of a group of people, who cared, were open, and loving to him. (and also just as crazy!) He had found his pirate family at long last.

He became a fixture at Space Island helping out however he could. Last year while helping the Do Lab prepare for Coachella, I remember watching him carry out two large speakers, one slung over each shoulder. Then, I heard someone say, "We need to get back to work... Can’t be lazy around X."

All of us have limitations, but Xavier’s will not let his limitations keep him down. He is an inspiration to me and i know i am not alone in this feeling. He challenges me to seek the best in whatever challenges life delivers.

Ten years after the accident in August of 2009, Xavier told me that he reflected on his ten year journey and asked himself if he was done healing. His answer to himself was this:

"Not even close!"

So the last few months have been spent researching, calling, writing, emailing, and journaling – preparing to take his healing to the next level. Much of his investigations have been into stem cell research and the possibilities it could hold for him. The procedure that he is now preparing for is somewhat experimental. There are no guarantees, but he is going to give it a try.

The initial procedure will cost $30,000 and that does not cover any follow up treatments or rehabilitation. While he is doing everything he can to prepare his body and spirit for this next phase, he needs some assistance to help pay for it to begin.


Also tonight is Illumanotic, which happens before and after the fundraiser mentioned above! Check out this awesome event featuring art work by Andrew Jones, music by Bluetech, and the after party features the special Pha-Droid performance along with music by Bluetech, Jupit3r, Stephan Jacobs and more!


The Electric Dependent Art of Android Jones
99 High Art Gallery
1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
PH: (310) 450-8699

Downtemple Sets by
Live Sitar by
Rikshara & Cyrus

Android Jones brings forth a new body of electrically dependent artwork to the 99 High Art Gallery on March 5th 2010. Jones draws his inspiration from the edge of reality to the corners of human perception. For Android the true medium of art is the mind. He translates the electrical impulses of creativity and imagination directly into an interface powered by light and energy. Several of his new works will be on display in custom assembled Light boxes measuring up to 8 feet in length and some over 4 feet in height. The Light Box objects display Jones' creative effort in rich and vibrant colors. The light boxes express a frequency that no analog medium can achieve. Each work brings the viewer closer to the intended experience of the medium in which they were created.



PHADROID: A combination of proprietary software, custom digital hardware and human sensitivity enable projected visuals to or­ganically tune into the fluidity of motion created on stage. The shapes, colours and images generated by visionary artist Android Jones accentuate and intuitively blend in with a multitude of intricate dance movements created on stage by dancer Phaedra Ana. The experience unfolds in real time, tapping into the same current of creative energy, until a new level of spatial depth is achieved.

Each performance inherently reflects unified intentions as a joint frequency between the two artists that is palpable in the intensity of the space created in the auditorium. Using sound tracks of the latest contemporary underground music, the couple are capable of creating a physical-visual-audio state of synaesthesia that is a new addition to the pantheon of Live Performance Art – and which carries the potential to solidify into an entirely new form of artistic expression with an infinite amount of variation in possibility.


by Sewop

Art Gallery curated by Toby Smith courtesy of I AM U (interdemensional art movement unified)


$20 at the door
$15 pre-sale tickets now thru 11pm Friday at 99 High Art Gallery

Any wristband from this event will get a 50% discount for
the "Picean Reborn" Fund raiser for Xavier's New Stem Cell event at Mission Control

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Video & Pics from PANTyRAiD in LA - 3/04

This show was presented by The Do LaB

Click the image below to see photos from the show:


Remember to grab these two downloads from PANTyRAiD now:

FREE DOWNLOAD of Freeland - Do You (PANTyRAiD Remix)

FREE DOWNLOAD of an exclusive PANTyRAiD mix!

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