Jul 31, 2008

past events (thurs-sat.)

Check my home girl's band Ology tonight at Hotel Cafe, its only $5 with this flyer. They play at 10,


Friday night:
Scott K @ pyt, if that wasn't enough, there's no cover and free vodka!

check out this party for Barack Obama featuring Z-Trip

This saturday:

Get your healthy dose of subsonic beats @ SMOG

and then after....I've been waiting for a while for this one....

Friends and Family I Love You!!!

And for those looking to ahead of the game.... Monday (and every Monday of August) check out Love Grenades! Cali home grow musician!

Jul 23, 2008

R.I.P. Auggie

One of my best animal friends was put down today. He was a pet to the owner of the company I work for. The two dogs are really the only pleasurable part of this job, and now one of them has gone to doggie heaven.

Jul 16, 2008

Dan Deacon @ the Ghetty

Last Friday night, I got to see Dan Deacon play a free show at the Ghetty. It was one of the best shows.

Check these videos I found online:

From one Jordan to another

you can be a rat in the rat race

or a cat in that same race

or a rat with cat face

or a cat with a rat face

or even a hybrid rat cat

but the sad fact
is that
you're still stuck in the race

so break pace, get out of this place, embrace change, and get ready

cause im coming to your state, don't hesitate or debate, we're going to burning man, and its gonna be GREAT!

Jul 15, 2008

past events: 6/15-6/20

2nite: sta ca to $5

tomorrow: how many beats per minute 12 YEARs w/ TWO LIVE CREW, ztrip, am, team jeans, bloody beatroots!, FREE apparently

thursday: do you RESPECT yourself, $5 holla

friday: Busy P all the way from France with more of them jeans, more FREE?

friday (part 2): house about some house? with Eddie B and the very HAWT crew, $$ :(

Saturday, lets swim with sharks? more like beat junkies, its standard now, um yES FREE

saturday night, make history, santa monica, haven't heard, glow read about it, CANT BELIEVE ITS FREE? WELL IT IS

after this sunrise, sunday morning, blaze, breakfast and beats w/ Dub Mechanics pool party in LA's biggest pool, outside of the gene's (and yes folks everything is fucking free)


Jul 13, 2008

I am blessed

to know so many wonderful people, who I can call my friends....from those of you that i see a lot and have know for years.... to those of you who live far away and i wish i could see more .... to those of you who i knew in the past and are just now coming back into my life .... and even to a few special connections with new cats....

without you all, my life would be poo


Jul 5, 2008

4th of July Reflections

Sitting by the beach.....good friends, good music, and the ocean ofcourse.

In the last few weeks life has been interesting to say the least. I gotta learn to not get ahead of myself.

From dub at first sight to paper airplanes in firework skies....

Forests are reborn after a fire and so must I after the burn is complete.

Jul 1, 2008

Know Your Dance Party History

This documentary is about the dance music scene in 1989 in Europe. See how some things have changed, and how some things have stayed exactly the same!