May 31, 2009

Finally the sun(is out)day - 5/31

Today, the sun has finally come out so get out to the pool:

Oh wait, you've got 2 pool options...if not more:

Then tonight see Roothub live at Hotel Cafe! <-- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE

Also today, but during the day is the Do Over, with weekly surprise guests:

Also tonight, just heard about this one through LA Unified:

Also tonight go back in time with Blow Up:

And also tonight, enjoy some VHS or Beta at Banana Split:

Also tonight, catch Talib Kweli live in hwood:

May 30, 2009

And I'm back! - 5/30

Apologies for not updating this last week, but I'm back!

Check out this picture below:

It perfectly describes the balancing act I have to do between my passions and obligations. I'm sure all of you can relate!

So last night was BASSNECTAR and it was epic!!! Got a few cell photos from the night, but was mostly too busy dancing. You can see the photos here:

So as for you can enjoy another day party with the Shade crew:

Tonight, check out Blood!

This looks awesome, I wish I had tickets!!

Also tonight become part of the Bass Ritual:

And also tonight enjoy another installment of BASSFACE by Pure Filth:

Featuring 16-Bit, Broke Note, The Professionals + more! Visit on the day of for the 411

Also late night tonight enjoy the After Burn, with DJ Wiseacre

May 22, 2009

The weekend of too many events - 5/22-5/29

Yooo, time is now, now is the time. Welcome to the rest of your lives. Including mine.

I heard this track last night when DJ Daz dropped it at Afro Funke' and it reminded me how dope it is. Let's get this weekend started right y'all:

So begins "the weekend of too many events!" Get your wallets ready, or in my case, not so much, and set out for a good time.

Whether it's fun in the sun, in the pool, in the mountain, or in da clubs, this weekend is a chance to remember what you're working for. Do it!

Tonight list of events:

Don't miss the 16Bit & Beyond party featuring Patricio, Mr. Caparro, and Braden. Good crowd & good times always:

Also tonight Deadmau5 and Moderat are in town (heard this was now sold out!):

Adam Freeland is also playing tonight at the Echo! Bring earplugs!:

Also tonight lose Control with Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem):

Also tonight Aceyalone, Myka 9, and Abstract Rude are featured as this Urband Underground event! Don't miss it foolz:

Also tonight catch The Truth w/ Old Man Markley (a Norte Dame High School take over!):

All weekend from May 22-24th Check out the 5 Points Festivle - its a weekend long camping/music party, featuring my dog Square-1:

Also tonight, DJ Icey Ice is also laying it down:

Saturday catch Mark Farina and crew at the WET Pool Party:

Also during the day Saturday Swimming With Sharks returns to the Downtown Standard hotel. Get yer pool party on:

If you're feeling like gettting some are on Saturday catch Cannibal Flower presenting their next show, and these cats know art:

Also Saturday:

Saturday May 23rd get down with Keoki (like it's the 90's all over again):

The event is presented by several GREAT LA event producers including TILT, Blow Up, Shadowscene, etc, so hence multiple flyers.

Interesting. Should be.... a Rave :)

Also Saturday check out this dubstep/drum and bass massif with 6Blocc and the GLK and a whole slew of dope ass old school drum/bass headz:

Alsoooo Saturday Balance gets DEEP as Marques Wyatt invades the King King:

AAAAAaaand alsooo Saturday catch Doc Martin live:

Also tarting Saturday and going til Monday is the Topanga Day's Fest:

On Sunday, make sure not to miss Circo Loco:

Here is a rough schedule of our performances so you can be sure to make it there for those you want to see.
9:30 DJ Derek Monteiro & Stiltwalkers & Go Go Boys & Tarot Readers
9:30 Stephen Contortion
10:15 Lynx(me!) Aerial silks
11:00 Wish on Aerial Silks
11:50 sita opens main show on Silks
12:05 Wish on Lyra
12:15 Chantelle Diva Trapeze
12:25 Zircon & Wish Duo on Silks
12:30 sita on Lyra
12:37 Stephen Contortion
12:43 Lynx(me), zircon, & Wish Aerial Rope Trio- Center Stage
12:50 Chantelle Trapeze
1:00 Stilt Walkers, Go Go Boys, You all Dancing!
1:18 Finale- Stephen Contortion & All Aerial Performers in the Air!
1:30 After Hours Party with DJ Porter Tinsley
4:00 GO HOME!

Also Sunday see The Truth:

Also Sunday:

Also Sunday:

Also Sunday - You Love LA:

Also starting Sunday and going til Monday is the LA Jazz & Reggae festival featuring De La Soul:



May 26th & 27th: The Glitch Mob + Prodigy. Yup. Fire starters!

Also Wed May 27th:

May 27th Love Gernades is playing at Spaceland:


What do Bassnectar, Nosaj Thing, and J Boogie all have in common? They are all playing live on May 29th at the Henry Fonda Theater.

You don't want to miss this fun. Here's a clip from his last visit to LA:

THE DO LAB PRESENTS BASSNECTAR @ THE EL REY 12.27.08 from Matthew F. Smith on Vimeo.

More info on the artists:


Bassnectar on Myspace

Bassnectar's Facebook page

Visit his official website for a free download-able mix!

Nosaj Thing:

Nosaj Thing

J Boogie:

J Boogie

Click here for tickets

Show is all ages!

Show time is 9:00pm, doors at 8:00pm.

Music Box Theater (Fonda Theater)

How about one more video from Bassnectar's recent west coast adventures!

May 29th to 31st:

More info at:

May 29th: