Dec 31, 2007

New Years Eve 2008

Its been a few years since I've gone to a huge HUGE dance party. This year its gonna be the Giant Maximus party featuring Tiesto Kaskade and Mstrkrft. Hope everyone has a fun and safe time whatever they are doing!

My new years resolution is: Really pursue my goals!!!

Dec 24, 2007

See some of my films

My Filmmaker Page is up and running. Currently featured are 4 films that I made during my formal training in New York.

Click here to go to the page!

Dec 18, 2007

Real Friends

Real friends will blow you mind with love and kindness and understanding.

I have just a handful of REAL friends.... which makes me blessed!

Dec 13, 2007

One Best of 2007 List

Busy P's top list:

My fav. part says LA 's got the best parties, VERY NICE

Dec 9, 2007

Music: Sigur Ros

To continue on my recent series of posts about good sleepy time tunes...this one is classic.

Best part is, if you've never heard these guys before, you might try and understand the words....its not English, and its actually not always any language. So there....sleep

Dedicated to mmm

Will the world end in 2012?

I am no expert in Mayan calendars, nor in Astrophysics, but I believe in a large percentage of what this animated short film says on the subject of where our civilization is headed, why, and what we can try to do to make a positive difference.

Let me know what you think.

You can see it in its original website here:

Dec 8, 2007

I was born in Bulgaria

As some of you might know, I was Born in Bulgaria, as were both my parents and 75% of my grandparents.

Unless you've been there, most people (especially in America) know very little about Bulgaria.

I found this documentary and thought it was pretty good. The narrator sounds like a robot trying to sound like a human while also pronouncing a lot of things incorrectly. Otherwise, some good video for your brains.

Music: Bran Van 3000 - New Album Just Came Out!!!

THIS IS VERY EXCITING NEWS. I am trying to secure a position to help these guys have a successful tour in Southern California. Check out some of the new music on their official site by clicking the banner below. Enjoy!

Memory: Running Around

This painting was at Burning Man 2 years ago. It was up underneath the man.

Looking at it now I realize that to me it captures the feeling very accurately, of just grabbing someone you like, getting messed up on some pure molly or lucy or 2cb, and running around, carefree and adventurous.

I was trying to pick a song that goes with it, but I haven't been able to yet.

(yes I miss BRC already!)

Dec 7, 2007

Music: Bjork and Enya

This song is not only beautiful, and not also is the video amazing by Chris Cunnigham, but I am watching it right now because it will ease me to sleep.

This one really puts me to sleep, especially after the Bjork video.

Concept: Neo-Tribalism

"Neo-Tribalism is the ideology that human beings have evolved to live in a tribal, as opposed to a modern, society, and thus cannot achieve genuine happiness until some semblance of tribal lifestyles has been re-created or re-embraced

Follow this link to read more (you burners better read up!)

Re:Born Blog

Hello. I am the writer of this blog. I have decided to bring it back to life. Though I do not have as much time as is needed to make a successful blog, I will do my best to impress. If I fail to impress you, then ... fuck off :)

1st entry....

Today, a storm came. It is going to last the whole weekend. Its nice when it rains in LA. Makes things more exciting. It washes away the stale smog sitting like a layer on our glamours city.

Had a meeting about a new script, currently titled The Kiss. It's going to be a short film . I writing a journal? Is that not allowed? Fuck. Someone tell me if I'm allowed to make my blog like this. Are there even rules?

Who cares.

ok, Rebirth blog is now complete.