Dec 7, 2007

Re:Born Blog

Hello. I am the writer of this blog. I have decided to bring it back to life. Though I do not have as much time as is needed to make a successful blog, I will do my best to impress. If I fail to impress you, then ... fuck off :)

1st entry....

Today, a storm came. It is going to last the whole weekend. Its nice when it rains in LA. Makes things more exciting. It washes away the stale smog sitting like a layer on our glamours city.

Had a meeting about a new script, currently titled The Kiss. It's going to be a short film . I writing a journal? Is that not allowed? Fuck. Someone tell me if I'm allowed to make my blog like this. Are there even rules?

Who cares.

ok, Rebirth blog is now complete.

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