May 27, 2010

What does Lightning in a Bottle mean to me?

For the last several months I have been working with The Do LaB (the crew of folks I love) on Lightning in a Bottle!

For those who don't know (anyone?) LIB is a festival that features
some of the most amazing music, art, performances, workshops,
speakers, yoga classes and more. It is a 4+ day camping festival that
is very focused on being a 'green' or sustainable annual event.

100's of people work to make the event possible (literally!) and for
many months.

Why am I working on this event?? That's simple: I loved the experience
I had the first two times I went!

And so today (the day the gates will open at LIB) marks the end of a
2+ year journey for me that started at the end of the last LIB
festival (2008).

Here's a quick insight into what happened then: I went to LIB for the
second time in 2008 and had a very profound and inspirational
experience. It was partly because of the people I shared the event
with and partly because of the magic of the intentions I was making
for my life at that time... but when it was all over I realized how
important this community of people was to me.

And I realized I had to be a part of it all.

I realized that I had to give back to the community and festivals/
events that had helped me discover new art, new ways of thinking, new
ways of interacting with my peers, and new definitions of what even
society means as a whole.

And for months and months I emailed The Do LaB to volunteer.
Something... Anything. I always saw them as the BEST at what they
DO... The ultimate crew to run with....

And to make a long (and amazing, wonderful, rewarding) story short:
Here I am...

A Part of It All!!!!!

And what is my intention now? That's also simple: To celebrate what we
have all accomplished... To celebrate all the creativity, love, hard
work, and dedication that EVERYONE has put into this event! And I also
intend to be fully present in the moments that are about to happen.

Don't blink this weekend, because capturing something as elusive as
Lightning, in something as small and fragile as a Bottle, is a rare
and awe inspiring thing to see!

With that, I leave you with some details about this years event!

Get all the General Event Information

Check out the Music/Performance Schedule

Weekend & Day tickets now available here!

Oak Canyon Ranch
5305 Santiago Canyon rd.
Irvine, CA


Venue pictures:

Lightning in a Bottle map:

See you @ LIB!!!

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