Mar 25, 2010

The Do LaB presents KRADDY and Vibesquad tonight

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The Do LaB is very excited to bring our good friends KRADDY and VibeSquaD to Los Angeles! And with the help of Heavyweight Dub Champion it's going to be another BASS-tastic night at the King King....

-- The Line Up --


Known as a pioneer of electronic music, KRADDY is one of the most innovative and remarkable artists of his day. He stands as a visionary in his field, a fresh voice that spans genres and artistic style. Hybridizing hip hop, dubstep and dancehall with digital edits and cuts, KRADDY's music is a voice from the future awakening our ears and minds to what is yet to come.

As a founding member of the Glitch Mob, KRADDY continued to innovate the sound and possibilities of digital music. It was during this time that KRADDY released "Android Porn", a track hailed as the anthem of the "glitch hop" genre. With its epic melody, dramatic builds and unrelenting beats and bass, "Android Porn" marked a milestone in the creation of a sound so fresh, no one had a name for it. After several more well-received releases with the Glitch Mob, KRADDY struck off on his own to pursue his solo career as a producer and performer where he continues to tour worldwide with his futuristic fission of dubstep, hip hop and dancehall.

Also highly anticipated in 2010, KRADDY plans to release 4 EPs, each with a different theme. Based on his recent remix work, his fans and fellow producers alike eagerly await to see how KRADDY will reinvent the game once again.


Growing up under the influence of music from everything like Sugar Hill Gang to Kraftwerk to The Cure to Phish, Aaron Holstein now makes music as VibeSquaD. He has released 5 albums of earth shattering bass and body moving rhythms, and his aim is best put in his own words: "I am dedicated to making music that vibrates POSITIVITY, LOVE, and LIGHT… w/ ridiculous amounts of BASS & a nasty-ass beat of course"


Sonic Shamanistic Alchemy - Founded in a log cabin at 9,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado, and now based in San Francisco, California, Heavyweight Dub Champion is a movement of interdimensional warriors representing the Army of the Last Champion. Firmly rooted in hip hop, dancehall, dub and electronic music, and performed on more than 50 channels of vintage analog and digital gear, the band has gained much notoriety and a growing following from its high-intensity and visually captivating live performances. Founder and Last Champion Manifesto author Resurrector transcends space and time wielding an arsenal of deep revolutionary audio with support from a revolving crew of co-conspirators that include Totter Todd, Dr. Israel, A.P.O.S.T.L.E, Jillian Ann, MC Azeem and Stero-Lion. At the collective’s core is the universal intention of inspiration, mind expansion and transformation through creative expression - all of which manifests in their collective artistic performance known as The Liberation Process.

-- Show details --

To purchase advanced tickets visit:

King King
6553 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

*This event is 21+

-- This show is presented by The Do LaB --

Based in Downtown Los Angeles, The Do LaB is an ensemble cast of creatives ranging from artists, event producers, lighting designers, DJs, constructors, welders, costumers, musicians, and the performance troupe Lucent Dossier.

Since 2000, The Do LaB has been dedicated to treating experience itself as the art form. Their exceptional annual events–including the Lighting in a Bottle Music Festival–and jaw-dropping, large-scale art environments, have been attracting a devoted following among the West Coast’s underground creative community, and around the world. While bringing the visions of their home-grown art collective to life, The Do LaB has evolved into a respected event creations company, winning over major brands, music festivals, and trade-shows, with their unparalleled creativity and innovation.

Stay tuned for what's coming next!

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Download free tracks and music below:

KRADDY's West Manifesto

Classic KRADDY mix

Love Step Vol 1 mix by VibeSquaD

HyperThreadz mix by VibeSquad

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