Mar 2, 2010

$ ≠ :) only :) = :)

Everyone knows the lyrics: "All you need is love, love is all you need" by The Beatles.

I live by that line. It's practically the most important philosophy I try to live by.

During this past weekend, I had all types of beautiful moments with my lady, as we adventured around, and hung with her family.

It's so obvious to me that I get all of my strength from the people I love, and getting their love in return!

By having that strong belief that loving yourself, the people in your life, and the world in general, makes it much easier to deal with any other situation that should arise. When you are sad, worried, or afraid, love will guide you. It's primal. Humans have lived in tribes, and pairs for hundreds of thousands of years. It's our instinct to realize that we are all connected.

Anyway folks... find strength in the things you know are right! Hold yourself and everyone else as equals, sharing this planet, and this life.

"Money does not equal happiness, only happiness equals happiness. There is no such thing as time, the time is right now."

*I discovered this Burial song while writing this blog. It's called true love vip.

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