Jul 7, 2010

Why I LOVE writing

I like to write.

I have liked to write since Jr High school!

In 1994 I read Douglas Coupland's "Life After God". In 1995 I saw the film "Basketball Diaries" (and consequently began reading Jim Carroll.) The film inspired me to start keeping my own journal, which is over 10 years strong now! I discovered other authors like Tom Robbins, E.E. Cummings, and books like The Catcher in the Rye, Another Roadside Attraction and even The Power of Now. Along with books and films, I LOVED music, and[especially] music with good lyrics.

And somewhere along that road of inspiration, I found that I loved to write...

Graffiti... The list goes on.

I love writing so much, that I have been too busy to do it.... at least in the long form. As you can tell from my TWITTER page, I love writing (currently 5,846 tweets)

So in essence, the purpose of this post is to remind MYSELF how much I love writing.

Oh and since the proof is in the pudding, here is a poem I wrote a looooong long time ago:


Through the passing of time


moving through phases

I've always been a lover in love

Not only the words (dazed) ...the actions as well

And time tells

me that everyday

every way I touched you

led us to now

as if again in a moment when decisions shape character

and each walk, an adventure

lasted a time, life, time

is back around, and again i walk on the ground

to the park beautiful 

in the swings youthful

and all this just a memory of both yesterday and today,
infinity until tomorrow

thanks are in order, but by no means just this short order,

instead i want more, 

as more can be only what is given, would settle to see how you are livin', 

a redelivered letter, would be best, but better would be to just sea

 (a ship, made of friend, made in moments, that had no end, 
instead more, across borders, 
stars possibly shared, through space, 
through time, 
again your face.)

again your face...

(if anyone can guess what music video this still image is taken from, I will write you a custom poem, using all of your favorite words, for free!!)

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Shilo Urban said...

<3 those are a lot of my favorite authors too <3