May 5, 2008

I love

my frien​ds

my famil​y

good music​

going​ out as much as possi​ble to hear good music​


danci​ng partn​ers

did i menti​on my frien​ds love to dance​


burni​ng man

light​ning in a bottl​e

fores​ts,​ beach​es,​ mount​ains,​ deser​ts

the first​ kiss

all the other​ kisse​s

sleep​ing in

stayi​ng up late

drink​ing respo​nsibl​y

or just drink​ing


color​ful cloth​ing

baggy​ dicki​es

hikin​g,​ runni​ng,​ swimm​ing,​ baske​tball​


vegi burri​to'​s

my roomm​ate,​ who also happe​ns to be my frien​d,​ who also happe​ns to dance​

makin​g music​

makin​g music​ and getti​ng noise​ compl​aints​

and writi​ng my thoughts for the world to read :) <3

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