May 5, 2008

APHEX TWIN - my musical god

After being a fan for over 10 years, I finally got to see Aphex Twin live.

It was at Coachella 2008.

I found these videos online, which is awesome, cause I was not about to pull my video camera....I wanted to see it 100%.

Here is my guide through his magical set:

First he started off with some of his ambient work.

Then he got into some old school hip hop, and then before I knew it, he was playing some HOUSE MUSIC!!! and classic techno. Hear this part here!

For him to play these kinds of beats is like Picasso using tomato paste.

I was getting down all around the Sahara tent by this point.

And all of a sudden, the tempo started increasing, and increasing.... by the way something that few other DJ's will do, because its so obvious.....but I think that was his point....

and so began the second half of his set....which was fucking madness!!!!

When this other side of Mr. James came out, and it became clear to me that Coachella was getting its mind blown by his barrage of drums and bass.

I love how he finds beauty in the strangest place.

And he closed out the set with, believe it or not, no peace...

Now, before you process all of that, just check out this clip which highlights the whole set.

This is how to appreciate the scope of his mission at Coachella, no America!

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micktravis said...

You might enjoy listening to this as much as I did recording it.