Jul 21, 2009

The summer of ♥ continues - 7/21

So the Summer of Love continues.

What is the < summer of love >?

Well, it appears to be occurring right now as it did about 40 years ago.

Some might say that it is not happening right now, and others say it happens all the time.

But, be sure of this wise readers...the summer of love is NOW.

I am constantly reminded of this.... in bitter sweet blessings, that are so sweet, i miss the bitter.
wait, i don't really miss the bitter, or do i.

Weekend adventures didn't really start til Sunday, at which point we ditched the city for some camping at McGrath Park in Oxnard (I think) by the coast.

Good times were had.... photos on the way.

We made some music.... recordings on the way....

and really, camping is a great way to get to know someone. at least it was this time.

and of course, we realized the truth... the truth of Now. And going with the flow, actually means going with the flowS!

So much wisdom re-learned by yours truly, that all I could say was thank you (over and over in my head)

I paused at one point, later, as we made renegade angel hair pasta on a closed life guard station by a beach off PCH, that I have somehow managed to achieve a state of mind, that before was very rare.....

It's still not on 100% of the time, but its getting close to 50%... or more. And that's pretty revolutionary (for me)!

In other news, I am FINALLY going to visit NEW YORK CITY. It's been probably 6 years since I've been there officially.

In an interesting combination of events, timing, chance, and destiny?...

I am reminded of wisdoms that I had learned when I was living there before.... wisdoms like Buddhism and yoga, activism and artistic purpose, love, and even eating right...

its exactly the same things that have filled my thoughts more and more for the last chunk (1 or 1.5 years) of time.

The most exciting part is seeing a few of my old friends, who are seriously amazing peeps!

Whoa....long blog post/ramble....... :)

let's get to some upcoming events shall we:

Check it:

Tonight catch Imagika with Black Mamba live at Technique:

Also tonight catch Jeremy Sole live:

Also tonight celebrate Mark aka the Cobrasnakes bday with hundreds of his friends at Cinespace:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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