Jul 27, 2009

New York Day 1 - 7/27

So yesterday I arrived in New York City!!!!

I can't believe I'm finally here.

After planes, trains, and buses I ended up in Jersey to stay at a friends place for a few days.

I got super drenched after it just started pouring all of a sudden.

But I did see a rainbow... so that's cool.

Later I went back into the city, Brooklyn specifically, to go to the Brooklyn Bowl for the Jelly Pool Party after party. You can't beat free Tequila!

This guy was trying hard to get the bartenders attention... he even levitated money in front of their face, to no avail.

(shitty picture I know, but you'll have to believe me, this guy blew my mind)

After that I took a walk around the East Village to see my old neighborhood.

Had a rush of memories! I got mad 143 for this hood.... going back today during the day (and sunshine).

Here is my song for day 2:

NEW YORK: Tonight check out Electric Punnany

NEW YORK: Also tonight catch Ron Trent:

Also tonight in New York (via Nicky Digital, thnx man):

Also tonight in Los Angeles:

Catch Mad Monday's with James Pants:

Also tonight the last Monday night hosted by DJ Skeet Skeet (cause he's going on tour):

and also catch Monday Night Social:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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