Jul 24, 2009

Glitch'd Sole? Just dance! - 7/24

Wow folks, it's Friday! Big smiles!

And it's amazingly beautiful here in LA.

Last night was good fun! Here's a brief recap:

Had some new beginnings at Happy Endings:

Flew to the Santa Monica pier:

Was going to promote and catch the Squirrel Nut Zippers and the whole scene down by the Pier. On nights like this when a lot of people are out, it feels like the beach is the center of the world. Check out a pic and some audio here:

Staring out into the fading horizon, I thought of YOU:

At Afro Funke' things were irie and blessed, and like usual just having a great time.

We had some live dancing as well, check it out:

Here is quick audio sample of Jeremy Sole's set last night.

Lesson from the night.... maybe somethings are MEANT to be shared. hmm I have to ponder that!

So tonight there are a ton of things to do.....

but why don't you start out your night with this song....

its a classic:

Never getting down cause I'm too busy getting DOWN! :)

So tonight get ready for MORE VOLTAGE! The Glitch Mob crew showing mad love to The Do LaB. So come out and represent real West Coast Music! Also playing are Nosaj Thing and Daddy Kev:

Also tonight see Girl Talk for FREE at the Fox Theater in Pamona, just bring a can of Squirt

Also tonight catch De La Soul live at the Key Club:

Also tonight catch Jeremy Sole, J-Logic and company at Sound Lessons (every Friday):

Also tonight see Iglu & Hartly live at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa! These cats rock!

Also tonight is Pink Mammoth:

Join us Friday night, July 24th as we team up with Johnny Hawkes and Sundown Motel at Libertine in Hollywood. No cover at the door. Just deep, funky house music ... the way you like it.

Markie B.
Jonathan W.
Johnny Hawkes

DJ Wolfie
Light Sculpture:
Visual FX:

Also tonight catch Neon Noise with DJ Paul V (a master of the mash-ups):

Also tonight catch Free the Robots invade Control:

Also tonight catch Soul Sessions (every Friday):

Also tonight is Compression:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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