Jul 22, 2009

Awesome-Theory - 7/22

It's Wednesday, and I've spent most of my day getting ready for my New York City invasion.

Also been hearing a ton of new music including (yes I am ashamed I just learned of this band) Younger Brother! Do check them out.

Before I get into tonight's events, I want to take a moment to get more serious.

With the power of the internet and social media like Twitter and Facebook, it is now possible for a regular person to talk to the whole world.

With that kind of power what would YOU say???

What do celebrities say? How about corporations?

Do their messages correspond with your beliefs? If not, why do you still idolize them?

It is time to wake up America (and the West). Stop supporting corporate greed. Which means: think where you spend your money!

And, to all of you that think ONE person can't change the world.... try and see it this way:

If everyone just changed THEMSELVES, then the world is changed.

With that, let's get out in LA tonight and celebrate the gift of music, art, and all forms of creation, because it is these mediums that true artists use to spread ideas!

And let us also celebrate the fact that each of us are powerful enough to change the whole world!!

Tonight, on the radio, be sure to tune to KCRW (online or in the car at 89.9) for Jeremy Sole, who does his weekly show from midnight to 3am! VERY GOOD MUSIC FOLKS

Tonight catch the Vapors & BPM Anniversary party with DJ Mehdi and more:

Also tonight catch Daedelus, Free the Robots, Gaslamp Killer and Daddy Kev:

Also tonight is the encore FAMILY & FRIENDS party with Eddie B, Big Cee, and more (this is the real LA house music folks):

Also tonight is Awesometown (featuring the best flyer I've seen in a while):

Also tonight catch Doc Martin at club Ecco:

Also tonight enjoy a night with MissingToof:

Also tonight catch Dita Von Teese:

Also tonight see Very Be Careful:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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