Jul 18, 2009

Music = Family & Friends - 7/18 - 7/20

Wow, I saw Tori Amos last night....

One of the best shows ever.

She was soooo amazing, beyond what I even imagined..... seriously the jimi hendrix of pianos.

Goddess status! Sorry ladies, but Tori Amos has my heart!

I got some good pics, video and audio of the show.. so stay tuned.

Looking back at my life for all the times I listened to her music, and the things that have happened in my life, my story.... And still sooo many years later her words mean so much to me.

Sappy enough for you yet? Well even right now I'm listening to her "Little Earthquakes" album.

And with that, time for Saturday night.... the night of too many events!

Here is some music for your Saturday night MSTRKRFT "Heartbreaker"

Certain songs just do it right.... brings me right into the moment!

Today Shade returns...go enjoy this day party!!

CALIENTE! @ Woodley Park, Lot 1

12-2 Onaquest
2-3:30 divaDanielle (Shade)
3:30-5 Eddie B (Hawt)
5-6 Porter Tinsley (Shade)
6-7 Jokton (PocketUnderground)
7-sunset JP (DJ Culture, ReVents)

Also today is Spirit's Fire Back to the Beach - By POPULAR Demand!!!
Saturday, July 18th, 3p-Midnite

Dj lineup:

Private location, not for public boards. Call/text/email me now for the info!

Also today is the Dim mak pool party featuring switch at the Hollywood in Downtown:

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday catch Cirque Berzerk! Not to be miss folks:

Not to be miss folks! Visit the official Cirque Berzerk website here!

Tonight catch the Hang the DJ's Hawaiian Luau Party:

Also tonight Tilt and Binary bring you another electro-tastik event:

Also tonight catch Infected Mushroom at the Vanguard in Hollywood!

Also tonight F.A.M.I.L.Y $ Friends unite again:

DJ's / Performers:

DRUMCELL [ DroidBehavior ]
JOE BICKLE [ LiesX3, Gravy, F&F ]
DEREK MICHAEL [ Friendly Integration ]
SANTIAGO SALAZAR [ Ican, Planet -E ]
JORGE MEDINA [ LiesX3, Gravy ]

CADE CADE CADE [ Dynagroove / Naked Guy Prod. ]
BIG CEE & SLICK DADA [Whoop-T-Whoop, Cha Cha]
JOPLIN [ Pork N' Beats ]
NEIL GOODMAN [ HAWT, Street Light ]

{ 323 } Dr.LA - 411 * { 310 } 217 - 7549 * { 213 403 - 1637
** Because it's been a beautiful 5 years **
~~~~~~ www.sunsetfilm.net ~~~~~~~

Also tonight catch Louisahhhh and friends at Blow Up:

Also tonight is the Junglist Platoon 15 YEAR anniversary....wow:

Also tonight catch DJ Drez:

Also tonight is Balance..... real good music here folks...every week:

Also tonight get Hyphy Crunk here:

Also tonight catch Kazell and Android Cartel here:

Also tonight catch another More on the Floor party:

Also tonight is the Jump Up:

Also tonight is Cat in the Hat (why am I posting this rave on here....cause raves are the first step for a lot of kids):

Also tonight:

I know there are more events....

*** The rest of this weekend ***

Sunday July 19th catch Flip, Joplin, Tony Powell, Senbad, and crew at LA's best and longest running house spot, DEEP:

July 19th catch Carlos Mena:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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