Apr 3, 2009

Hawt Dirty Wobble - 4/3+4/4

Lets begin with some music to get the weekend started:

So tonight, there is a ton of ART and a ton of MUSIC! Check out the following art/photo/music events tonight:

Also tonight it's 1st Friday's at the Natural History Museum:

Get all the info on 1st Friday's here!

Also tonight:

Also tonight:

In terms of just nightlife music and dancing check these out tonight:

Also tonight:

Also this whole weekend Terrakroma presents Life Tunes :: Campout/Picnic/Groovtastic

-secret location, hit me up for info!

April 4th is Hive Galleries anniversary night:

April 4th - Iglu & Hartly @ USC Springfest

April 4th - FRESH VS FRESH? WTF? What's going on here???

Well, since I'm Fresh, I figured I'd start investigating what's going on on April 4th in the underground/mainstream all night dance event scene!

There are two parties happening on April 4th:

Fresh Produce L.A. Spring Reunion
by Fresh Produce

Fresh 4th Anniversary
by Fresh Entertainment

Here are both flyers:

Now you might be as confused as I was.... or you might know a lot about what's going on here. For now, I will leave it to discussion....

and we'll see what will come of this debacle!

There is also this other awesome event:

Also April 4th:

Also April 4th:

Also April 4th:

Also April 4th, catch Kaskade live:

Also Saturday and Sunday:

*brought to you by your boy Fresh (HAHA no relation to the parties this weekend!)

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