Jun 13, 2009

Summer Smog and Sharks - 6/13-6/15

Hey y'all, it's a Saturday! Tons to do, let's go!

Here is a song to get ya ready for what lies ahead, and one I heard Flosstradamus play last night:

Yesterday's recap:

I like these cloudy days. They better fit with the complexities of my mood:

Later Stephan Jacobs and I rolled out to the The Do LaB merch photoshoot! Models getting paid in pizza and beer!

And at Do LaB photoshoots the photographer is the one who strips!

Later we headed out to the Avalon for Flosstradamus. Can I just say I am not a fan of the 18+ scene there. Ugh, but it was worth it cause Flossy was amazing. They started with Daft Punk and then Stardust tracks! Niiiice!

Later we hit up an afterhours with DJ's Madison & Holly Adams:

It was at a old church, and the last time I was here was for an underground in.... 1999/2000!

Ugh and ofcourse I stayed out too late, sitting having my coffee and getting this done. I'm off now for The Do LaB's Renegade Slip N Slide party today!! Hit me up if you wanna come through!

You're daytime activities for the day include the Swimming with Sharks daytime pool party featuring Nosaj Thing:

Tonight's events round up includes another installation of Smog, feat. Joe Nice:

Also tonight is Afterburn:

Also tonight is the Rhythm Section w/ DJ Spinna:

And also tonight Vice presents The Summer Bender:

On Sunday you have 2 choices for your pool party/music fun:

And Aquagroove presents DJ Skribble at their weekly poolside bash:

Sunday June 14th is the Beat Swap Meet:

Also Sunday June 14th Glenn Red & Brasilian Batucada are performing:

Also, as every Sunday night, Deep presents the best house music night in Los Angeles at the Vangaurd!

Sunday is the Do Over:

Monday June 15th, DJ Skeet Skeet presents:

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