Jun 7, 2009

Go Deep and Do it Over - 6/7

It's Sunday. But not a totally sunny day. That's alright, don't let June gloom hold back your bloom!

Last night was a kick back night for me.

Went to the Fowler museum for the Afro Funke' take over. Here Jeremy Sole is getting the crowd warmed up:

Here Balandugu Kan gave us a special striped down performance. Catch the whole group at our 6 year anniversary on Thursday!

Had some flashbacks on the ucla campus....I used to love someone all over this campus

Had an awesome talk with Rocky Dawuni before his performance. He shared some wisdom on the topic of love! Which is the topic I think about most currently. His peformance was excellent!

Later I felt like my brain was like my car....all over the place.

Ended up smoking bowls on rooftops watching the clouds pass by underneath the full moon.

Here are some things you can do today. Sunday is your chance for another pool party:

Also during the day today is the Do Over. Get yer Hollywood on early.

Also Sunday night means it's time for Deep! <- LA's best weekly house spot!

Also tonight:

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