Jun 1, 2009

June gloom = June bloom - 6/1

June gloom is upon us. I love it. Without the cloudy days we wouldn't appreciate the sun filled days.

Last night I checked out Roothub at Hotel Cafe. It was an excellent show. His music and energy really inspire me as a musician. Here's a snap shot:

Also while hearing some of the hype for the MTV whatever awards yesterday, and my intense focus on all things underground and tru-school, I had this thought:

I'm curious what you all think.... but how could you not agree?

On a music tip, last week Jeremy Sole dropped a track near the end of the night at AFRO FUNKE' that really inspired me! It's the 3 Generations Walking remix of Fat Freddy's Drop "Hope". Check it out below:

So as he sings, "Music is the thing I do to get me through" - very true for me too!

And for your daily selection of events check these out:

Also launching tonight is Live at the Dragonfly:

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