Jun 22, 2009

Mad it's a Monday? Don't be! - 6/22

I just got back from STILLDREAM and I have to say I had an amazing time.

What made it so amazing? Well, first of all it was a forest camping music 'fave' (Fave is a festival that is actually a rave, but better than just an average rave because it's in a forest, there is a good amount of non traditional rave music, and has more than a single area of music). And for the record you need 3 area's of music or more to be a festival, or conversely a lot of artisans to make up the difference if less than 3 stages are available.

Second of all I was also exposed to new music, or music that's new to me.

And finally, but most importantly what made it most amazing was the friends I went with.

Stay tuned for pictures and a full review!!

So I'm doing a million things today/tonight, but wanted to fill ya in on your LA event happenings for tonight...

1st up there is a secret Incubus show tonight at the Echoplex...go there immediately if you want to get in!

Also tonight DJ Skeet Skeet presents Eli Escobar and more: RSVP for FREE entry @ http://eatskeet.com/rsvp

Also tonight is Mad Monday's:

Also tonight enjoy another installment of Monday Night Social:

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