Jun 16, 2009

Skream-ing is music - 6/16

Today the sun sets at 8:07 PM Enjoy it, the longest day of the year is coming up this weekend!

Here are some photos from the weekend (finally):

So on Saturday The Do LaB had it's Renegade Slip and Slide party.

It's was a long way down! I'm still sore!!!

It's funny to watch people go down the slip and slide!

Don't just slide down, race down, and as funny as possible!

Party time fooolz!

Some more photos from the super fun slip and slide party:

(by Michaela Devon Kary)

(by Michaela Devon Kary)

Definitely my favorite group of peeps!

(by CuriousJosh/LA Weekly)

Later, I got to make an appearance at a film shoot and I can't wait to see how this Alice in Wonderland project turns out!

Later on Saturday night this friend of a friend drew this picture....this is NOT supposed to be me....I have way better hair! Is it a modern day cave painting, depicting the 'natural' instincts and desires of (wo)man?

I love seeing this bird around! Always amazing reflection when they appear!

So that's it, back to another week! Let's go make it the best one yet!!!!

Tonight catch Skream live!!!

9.00 - 9-45 NOVOCAINE9
9.45 - 10.30 DECO
10.30 - 11.30 DLX
12.30 - close SKREAM!
$10 B4 $10

Also tonight is Violette Tuesdays:

Also tonight enjoy another installment of Dim Mak Tuesdays:

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