Oct 11, 2009

Let's Do ♥ Over and Over - 10/11

Last night was hella fun. Big ups to J.Rocc, GLK, FlyLo, Nosaj and Carlos for playing some awesome jams.

Had another amazing time with the girl ♥

...New levels of party madness were reached, as to be expected now, and it was clear if ya just peeped my updates through the night.

But for real tho, tons of laughter ♥♥!

I also heard this mix earlier in the night, just released by Alex B.
Listen here!

Today see J Boogie at the Do Over at Crane's Tavern in Hollywood:

Also today, POOLSIDE, see Doc Martin live:

Also today brings you another pool party at the Standard in downtown:

Tonight 11th catch Sunny Day Real Estate:

Also tonight catch Chino XL at the Airliner (one of the worlds best MC's!!!)

Also tonight catch Maseo of De La Soul:

Also tonight catch Louie Vega at Deep:

Also tonight even more Part Time Punks madness:

Also tonight catch Them Jeans live:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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