Oct 9, 2009

Hawt Soul Lessons - 10/09

Wow. Los Angeles. You are out doing yourself.

Tonight there are great options for every style of music! As usual really, but tonight there is just too much to do.

Looks like it's gonna be another epic weekend!

I'm off to spend a few hours in the studio making music. Maybe I'll post some sneak peeks for y'all later.

Funny though, what my zodiac widget is telling me:

...stay in, and "make the place my own". Hence the urge to make beats.... but also this CITY is mine yo!

Tonight see Roothub live at the Hotel Cafe:

By the way, Roothub is awesome. And a very generous friend of mine. He actually hooked me up with a copy of Abelton, from which y'all are gonna hear some of my own tunes very soon!

Check out this video by Roothub for "Barefoot Nightlife"
Click here!

Also tonight get HAWT with WOBS and Mike Magana:

Also tonight catch Soundlessons:

Also tonight catch Rise with Holly Adams:

Also tonight see Chromeo:

Also tonight Boombox and Ana Sia:

Also tonight the 5 year celebration of Soul Sessions:

Also tonight catch Borgore and Emu and more:

Also tonight catch Compression at King King:

Also tonight catch some Part Time Punks action (part of a big weekend!):

Also tonight enjoy another night at Control at Avalon with Klever:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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