Oct 7, 2009

Heat Theory - 10/7

Good morning y'all. It's another packed day in LA tonight. Too much too do, as usual.

What's in store for me today? Well, let's ask the stars:

Mmmm naughty romance..... sounds like the stars know what's up!

And here is a tune to get your day/night off to a beautiful start:

Tonight see Marques Wyatt at the Heat monthly:

Also tonight catch Jeremy Sole on KCRW (89.9) from midnight to 3am!

Also tonight catch Andy Caldwell at Melodic Wednesdays:

Also tonight see the Shake it Up party:

Also tonight catch the House of Dub party:

Also tonight catch Moscow Wednesdays:

Also tonight catch Low End Thoery:

Also tonight see Fever Ray at the Music Box.

Also tonight is the One Year anniversary of The Feel Up:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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