Oct 10, 2009

Full Time Grooves - 10/10

Hey y'all, it's Saturday night, and as usual there is a ton today.

Last night I was promoting on Hollywood Blvd, and I swear I felt like I was in a Bruce Springsteen song! Mad humorous!

Later I think I took too many vapo hits and had too man sapporo's and ended up tweeting with my heart on my sleeve! Again, mad humorous.

What is in store for tonight??

Tonight see Diz and Heather:

Also tonight is the DubLab decade bash with Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and more:

542 S. Alameda St
Downtown LA, 90013

Also tonight catch the next Rhythm Section:

Also tonight catch King Britt and Victor Duplaix at 1639 S. La Cienega 90035

Also tonight catch more part time punks!

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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