Oct 20, 2009

Jump into the Fantasy - 10/20

Good day lovely readers....

I've done all I could to be productive and keep my head from floating out the window....

last night, in an mini explosion of thought I had some of the following ramblings to share:

I'm funny sometimes because even though I am so lucky and blessed by the universe, I let my head go and I become pessimistic and I forget all the wisdom and things I've learned do far. Instead I need to remember to be positive and proactive.

It's positive thinking that brought me here in the first place.

What is meant to be will be. I already am the person I wish I was too. And all I need to do is follow my dreams and my heart. There is no reward without a risk. And sometimes you have to let go to get a grip!

I am a fantasy dork! I'll take your reality with a grain of salt. But most of the time I'll be where dreams begin... dreaming the days away!

As the writer of my own story, I think I am ready to get the adventures going. To fail is to succeed in learning what is not meant to be!

The belief in myself and my dreams will pull me out of any lows I may encounter. Trusting yourself is the key to all locked doors!

I would always rather live knowing the truth, then wonder my life away... what if this and what if that. So take a chance....

Take a chance and see where this road leads you. Ultimately it is already written, unwritten, and being rewritten all the time.

To all you lovers, you loners, and those in between.... jump into the fantasy!

On to tonight's events:

Tonight catch Pitch Black's return to Technique:

Also tonight catch DJ Kutmah at the Verdugo Bar for Sketchbook!

Also tonight catch another week at Dimmak Tuesdays:

Also tonight check out Halloween themed La Violette at the Standard:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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