Mar 14, 2009

My Skin is Glitched and needs Shade b4 fashion - 3/14

Saturday March 14th

Shade - A Day Party Returns to Woodley Park: The BodyRock DJs, Joplin, DivaDanielle, and Porter Tinsley. Bring ur bbq and cooler y'all.

And another day party:

Also tonight, is the next Cre8tivity event:

Heavenly Father 10:00-11:00
Luminaries 11:00-12:00
Oscure vs.
Chad Rock 12:00-2:00
Kether live 2:00-3:00
RD 3:00-4:00

Located @ 4144 glencoe
marina del rey, ca 90292

10pm-4am $15@door

Also on this busy night, Binary, hosts of the exciting part of the electro scene in LA, present:

It's gonna be music to dance to on another level yo, dreamscape. Here's the afterparty:

And ofcourse our boys Glitch Mob are in town:

Oooo and what, you think I wouldn't mention fashion week? Eh, besides Skin.Graft Designs, who cares?

The 411 -> SkinGraft: Saturday 10pm. BOXeight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theater, 615 S Broadway, downtown Los Angeles.

But here is some of the music hapnin' in the neighborhood March 13-15:

The KIN boutique "pop up nightclub"
@ Boxeight fashion week. March 13-15

FRIDAY 10pm-2am
-Daisy O'dell
-Darrel Adams (KIN, La Bastinado)
-Alexandre (KIN, La Bastinado)
-Sean Patrick (The Bystanders)
-The Adams Brothers (chit chat)

SATURDAY 10pm-2am
"Major vs La Bastinado"
-Thee Mike B
-Acid Girls
-Darrel Adams (KIN, La Bastinado)
-Alexandre (KIN, La Bastinado)
-Jeniluv (Rainbow Death Pony)

SUNDAY 10pm-2am- afterparty
-Franki Chan (iheartcomix)
-Darrel Adams (KIN, La Bastinado)
-Alexandre (KIN, La Bastinado)
-Jonny Boy (John Abrahams)
-The Adams Brothers (chit chat/14)
-Hi Deaf

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