Mar 6, 2009

My first 1000 tweets

So I have had a Twitter account since December. I started one when I was asked to help upkeep the Do LaB's Twitter profile. As of today I will have "tweeted" 1000 times!

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Below is a selection of some of my favorite tweets...

Freq Nasty tonight!1:53 PM Dec 5th, 2008

Meeting the Do Lab crew tonight! Looking forward to 2009: Lucent Lamour, Lightning in a Bottle, and more!!!9:08 AM Dec 8th, 2008

With less than 11 hours sleep for the last 3 days, I am finally gonna get some tonight....right after I catch up on this pile of obligations7:17 PM Dec 8th, 2008

Contemplating the existence of multi-universes, in which time travel and all possibilities exist at the same time. That explains a lot!3:27 PM Dec 10th, 2008

Jordan power in the house tonight! LA's in trouble! + the full moon...oh shizzy!!!6:32 PM Dec 12th, 2008

3rd cup of coffee in 3 hours....i think i need a caffeine drip!11:09 AM Dec 15th, 2008

have u heard of the FLAVOR WIZARDS? u will!11:13 PM Dec 15th, 2008

Los Angeles Burning Man folk, there's a Facebook group for you @ AM Dec 22nd, 2008

Just found Chino XL on twitter!2:19 PM Dec 22nd, 2008

Veggie omlete + the internet + Lucent L'amour pictures = not doing day job work10:15 AM Dec 23rd, 2008

Multi-tasking turns into Uni-tasking -> when it all serves the same purpose: Never Quit Creating8:03 PM Dec 23rd, 2008

Watching Hook. 1991. Lost boys = burning man.11:41 PM Dec 25th, 2008

Just finished setting up for the Bassnectar show. Sound check is amazing! Tonight will be epic!6:17 PM Dec 27th, 2008

Check out Bassnectar live from this weekend in Los Angeles:

Best ska song ever. Every time I listen to this, it transports me to senior year in high school. ♫ AM Dec 30th, 2008

Best Daft Punk cover so far! ♫ AM Dec 30th, 2008

The Future of blogging/tweeting/everything online social networking! 3:42 PM Dec 30th, 2008

Tonight is cruuuunnnnk time! New Year's Eve Los Angeles:

Evolve by Space Island was beautiful. So sad it ended early. Drove through miles of fog. Time to sleep??7:29 AM Jan 1st

Saw the sun rise this morning, now watching it set, good first day to what's gonna be an amazing year! Shade party @ the park was awesome!4:44 PM Jan 1st

Poetry is more important than news. Experience is more insightful than books. Just 2 thoughts as I spoon your sleeping body on this couch.1:31 AM Jan 3rd

My dad and I rescued a pigeon stuck in an escalator, but it died soon after. It made me so sad but at least we gave it some peace at the end3:14 PM Jan 3rd


Downtown is a beautiful industrial ruin. A concrete dreamscape!3:55 PM Jan 10th

Ok so I wish I was at the beach, with a beer, an iPod, a notebook, and maybe a dog.12:37 PM Jan 11th

Pitfalls of not getting enough sleep: Confusing Jesse Wright and Jesse Brooks. Duh8:39 PM Jan 11th from

I have horrible luck when it comes to roommates.1:06 PM Jan 13th

Iglu & Hartly taking off. Who called it over a year ago???? Me!7:39 PM Jan 13th

Burning Man tickets on sale in 3 minutes9:56 AM Jan 14th

STS9 was amazing last night. Seeing them one more time tonight. But what's the deal with all the kids doing nitrious in the parking lot??1:41 PM Jan 17th

Venice is beautiful right now. This is why LA became a real city at the turn of the last century!3:27 PM Jan 17th

My dad got himself a Nintendo Wii! I stopped playing video games to be an adult. But now I'm totally jealous!2:03 PM Jan 18th

I'm getting my ass kicked in Wii bowling by my dad!2:31 PM Jan 18th

Best hip hop song ever?? PM Jan 19th

I am a polynomial3:29 PM Jan 19th

Watching old school Aphex Twin interviews on Youtube...if there was one musician that I'd like to sit a have a conversation with, its him!3:57 PM Jan 19th

If I could produce one event, only one, it would be headlining AFX!4:26 PM Jan 19th

AMERICA - It's time to come together in celebration of the power of the will of the people aka you and me!10:10 PM Jan 19th

The best and most underrated band is Bran Van 3000. Just try and prove me wrong!4:31 PM Jan 20th

Does the Mayan have the biggest disco ball on earth?8:23 PM Jan 20th

What happens when everyone goes to the bar at the same time? The great pause!9:15 PM Jan 20th

Took a walk in the rain. Sat in my car on the roof of the parking structure. 420'd it. Thought about the big To Do list.... Smiled!2:08 PM Jan 23rd

Looking out the window of this mini sky scrapper, watching the clouds roll in from the ocean. It's very beautiful!5:18 PM Jan 23rd

Best overlooked album by an alternative band with a female lead singer - Pretty Mary Sunshine "Bird Medicine"2:39 PM Jan 24th

Best overlooked album by an electronic act with a female lead singer - Curve "Cuckoo"2:39 PM Jan 24th

Statue from an old trip to Hawaii amongst the piles or work and fun. Guides me forward. PM Jan 24th

Searching for the meaning of life: Nope not there either!!!12:48 PM Jan 26th

I am thinking of randomness and its specialness1:11 PM Jan 26th

420 followers nice man,*cough*3:28 PM Jan 26th

I want to make a giant pillow. No bigger than that. I mean a pillow that can hold like 20-30 people!!!!5:17 PM Jan 26th

Afgahn goo, sour diseal, Hindu skunk? It's too hard to decide.7:02 PM Jan 26th

I'm running on the perpetual second wind8:30 PM Jan 26th

I wonder about all those past tweets. Are they are forgotten and losing meaning in time? Will they ever matter again??11:42 AM Jan 27th

I just gave Beck a flyer to Lucent L'amour by @thedolab !!!!1:20 AM Jan 28th

"For My Corpse" by Random Rab12:24 PM Jan 31st

I just promoted Lucent L'amour to De La Soul!! They were hyped! You should be too! Http://www.lucentlamour.com12:39 AM Feb 4th

Is Twitter bringing us one step closer to 2012 (in a good way)???1:55 PM Feb 4th

The road ahead is unknown and uncertain. It's not even promised. But from where I'm at now, all the roads I see lead back to you!10:17 AM Feb 5th

Rain and concrete, pen and paper, cigarettes and coffee, memories and dreams, time travel and fortune telling, ... ♫ PM Feb 5th

About to dye my hair blue!!!7:22 PM Feb 7th

Poem: Surprise! I get it. I Won't sweat it. Just forget it. I Don't regret it. I Accept it. One day on a beach with no problems just love it3:36 AM Feb 8th

April just turned out the lights in the studio and it feels like I'm turning into Jim Morrison5:59 PM Feb 8th

In the car listening to the music we just made. Sound Tribe meets the Doors meets the Rolling Stones!7:50 PM Feb 8th

My music is sometimes all I have.8:41 PM Feb 8th

I'm in downtown with the crew putting together Lucent L'amour by @thedolab1:07 PM Feb 12th

Back to working the office job, with so many good memories from the production of Lucent L'amour last week. An amazing two month journey!9:47 AM Feb 16th

The first video of Lucent L'amour I've seen so far! PM Feb 16th

What is the best beach to party on in so-cal? And by party I mean to get DJ's out on the 1's and 2's2:24 PM Feb 17th

Why do all "social media experts" on twitter seem totally lame? To be clear there are only a FEW experts and they are millionaires i.e. Tom11:55 PM Feb 17th

I promise to not click my mouse buttons to the beat of the music because my coworker is not listening to the same music3:25 PM Feb 18th

Let's be honest, if you were really having an amazing time, would you really stop to tweet about it? No! You'd wait til later. duhski4:17 PM Feb 18th

Listening to last weeks jam session on the car ride to work. Is it hiphop meets folk meets jamband? And I need a vocal coach haha9:36 AM Feb 19th from

seriously avatars & cartoon pictures as profile pictures are very scary and weird . good bye!12:34 PM Feb 19th

I sleep to dream. I dream to see you. ♫ AM Feb 20th

Sometimes anytime everytime no time9:34 AM Feb 20th

I was meant for more than this!9:42 AM Feb 20th

I have a lot to say but it's not in the "I have a lot to say" sorta way!9:44 AM Feb 20th

"Twitter is what happens in between blog posts and emails" so what happens in between tweets? And in between that???4:00 PM Feb 20th

WOW just got an apology from an old friend and ex roommate via text. It's been since October since we had a falling out over her jerk BF!5:35 PM Feb 20th

Happy to be alive, blessed for the people in my life, thankful for the gifts I've been given, and ready to focus my energy on what matters7:58 PM Feb 20th

and how could i forget all the birds that magically appeared at that moment11:54 PM Feb 22nd

if i just had more time always...12:38 AM Feb 23rd

Ease off into sleep, where dreams begin, an extended calm, a moment to tune in with the cosmic vibration, to see the world with fresh eyes1:29 AM Feb 23rd

Just saw some Hara Krishna dudes walking into Ross. Not really surprised though, times are tough.8:14 PM Feb 23rd

I just dropped my iphone, the screen is shattered, it still works though, but the screen looks like a broken mirror. fuuuck me!!!!3:51 PM Feb 24th

Inside attics surrounded by blankets time traveling to right now2:52 AM Feb 25th

If all life is a stage, then are all tweets intertextual?10:11 AM Feb 25th

We are all searching. Yet everything we need is somewhere inside of ourselves!7:26 PM Feb 25th

Instinctively we embrace technology because it brings us together, which is how we were meant to be.8:06 PM Feb 25th

I'm gonna start with the man in the mirror.9:11 PM Feb 25th

sat nam11:14 PM Feb 25th

I only need 5 hours of sleep to function, but the problem is finding 5 hours.7:55 PM Feb 26th

Wow Imperial Ave. between 6th and 7th streets has become a very special place for me...many memories here including Lucent L'amour!4:44 PM Mar 1st from

insert yourself into the data-sphere, just find the right filter, and be world conscious7:11 PM Mar 2nd

sometimes the theme song to 'friends' rings very true!11:02 PM Mar 2nd

Wow my ideas come at the funniest times: at 335 am, exhausted, brushing my teeth: music vid for Imogen Heap... Ill email when I wake up!3:43 AM Mar 4th


Designer babies: Be the first on your block to get one!2:35 PM Mar 4th

@Beck fall 1996 sherman oaks, we kicked it a few times, haha! you rock sir! hope all is blessed! Mar 5th

My 1000th tweet: I am blessed to have my friends, family, and extended community. Life wouldn't be as sweet without you. Thank you! Mar 7th

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