Feb 13, 2009


*** Lucent L'amour ***

A Visionary Love Fest on Valentine's Day 2009

Lucent L'Amour 2009 from siouxzenkang on Vimeo.

"After the success of last years event we decided to take over the block and turn Lucent L’amour into a street festival! We’ve got 3 custom stages and our most diverse musical line-up yet. Toss in a huge art gallery, large sculpture installations and interactive spectacles and you’ve got a recipe for a kick ass time!"

Live Visuals by...

Live Painting by...

Lucent Doessier Vaudeville Cirque

We are the artists, the visionaries, the magic makers…we are soaring into the stratosphere on the wings of imagination…

ART GALLERY designed and curated by MIKE RUSSEK

Lightning in a Paintcan Project

We have had such a blast with Lightning in a Paintcan at LIB, and raised thousands of dollars for art supplies in underfunded schools in the process, that we have decided to bring it to Lucent L’amour!
Here’s how it works: Scattered throughout the grounds at Lucent Lamour, we will have a bunch of large panels that will be transformed into a live mural project, created with 100% used and recycled paint. Some of the best L.A. galleries and collectives will have artists participating in the creation of the mural panels. During the event we will hold a silent auction where you can bid on your favorite art piece, and hopefully take it home with you.
Proceeds from this project will go to support Sonic Muze, a non-profit organization that helps supply musical instruments and art supplies to local schools in need. By bidding on your favorite art you will be helping us support the next generation of artists!!


Just in case you didn’t get a chance to get your favorite items at LIB this year, you’ll have another opportunity to shop at some of the finest community vendors at Lucent L’amour. More details coming soon on who will be vending, but definitely get there early so you have some extra time to browse.


bamboo installation by BAMBOO DNA

It’s true.. All we think about is bigger things to build! We’re working on some new designs for this year, but check out what we’ve done in the past…


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