Feb 27, 2009

100 Cool and Deadly Dancism Joints - 2/27

Tonight, we've got a lot going on....and the weekend just gets better!

Start the night out right....with some art!

Music wise tonight we got something called Dancism:

Get all the info here!

The Cool and Deadly visit LA:

Feb 26 : KXLU.​ com * Live on air kxlu.​com or 88.9 FM , Los Angel​es CA
Part time punks Radio , 6-8 pm Eastern time / 4-6 pm Pacific Time

Feb 26 : The Trip * 2101 Linco​ln Blvd , Santa​ Monic​a,​ CA
Soul Rebels Party-10pm also with DJ Lawless, Clockwork Allen

Feb 27: La Cita * 336 S Hill st, Dwntw​n Los Angel​es,​ CA
PUNKY REGGAE PARTY -10:30 pm L.A.'s best kept secret !

Also tonight DJ Paul V. knows how to DJ a dance party. No joke, just check out his collection of podcasts!

Also tonight, Bianca's Joint, for ya house headz out there:

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