Feb 28, 2009

Today LA Blows Up with Art and Music events! - 2/28 & 2/29

first off, here is the track I'm feeling right now (2pm sat)

Tonight we've got a TON of ART and MUSIC in Los Angeles!!

today+tonight = you make you're own story!

First up, Terrakrom presnets:

B e a c h G a t h e r i n g
This Sat, Feb 28th.
3p-530p: Live acoustic music by various local artists
530p-10p: Djs - Liquid Fish (R.E.M.), TGE (SFG) & Gabriel (Terrakroma)
Presented by Couch Surfers & Spirit's Fire Gatherings.
Come swim, grill, eat, drink, dance, and feel the love in the sand.
Dockweiler State Beach..... be there...

Here is a mix from Armando courtesy Terrakroma

Also today, Groove Riders is having a big sale/party mini massive:

Also LA's fav food truck is out and having a ball at:

Then this evening, in terms of ART, peep some of my fav. selections for the night:

I'm most excited about this one!

featuring Raymond Pettibon, Daniel Johnston, Ron English, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, and Gibby Haynes
Curated by Jon Cournoyer

February 28 - March 21, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 28, 2009, 7 - 10 pm
with DJ Shepard Fairy
Galleries D5 and C2
RSVP to rsvp@robertbermangallery.com

The Exhibition: http://www.robertbermangallery.com/robertbermangallery/exhibitions.htm

The Los Angeles Times calls the exhibition "an indie dream lineup"

Robert Berman Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition Rock, Paper, Scissor on view February 28 – March 21, 2009. The show will feature noteworthy artists who freely use, base imagery on, thrive, and excel in both the mediums of visual art and music. The artists taking part in the show are Raymond Pettibon, Daniel Johnston, Ron English, Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers and Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth.
This exhibition highlights these artists who in both the mediums of music and art have created a memorable and historical body of work and continue to do so. Born from outsider roots stemming from Los Angeles, New York and Texas, they blurred the boundaries of aural and visual expressions creating what would become a hallmark of material from the period of the 1980’s-1990’s, eventually being absorbed by both the mainstream public and art industries. It’s influences today are countless.

On exhibit will be paintings, drawings, collages, conceptual pieces and installations as well as ephemera including lyric sheets by Raymond Pettibon that have rarely been exhibited. Also a large collection or rare and early Daniel Johnston works, many of which have never been publicly exhibited, will also be on view from the collection of Don Goede, co-author along with Tarssa Yazdan of the definitive book on the artist “Hi, How Are You?”. These works will be published in the next edition of this book as well.

"Vintage Futurism"
7-10 PM
01 Gallery, 530 S. Hewitt St. Suite 141, Los Angeles, 90013

The 01 Gallery presents "Vintage Futurism" an exhibition by graffiti artist Kofie One. Gallery Director Christina Ochoa curates collage works, watercolors, and prints that showcase Kofie One's recent and continuous expansion of architectural styling and graffiti art. The exhibition shows from February 28th through March 29th, 2009.

From his early 90's exploits in West Los Angeles graffiti, Kofie One has determined a self-made artistic education upon graffiti art that now brings an iconic structure and fluid manner to all that Kofie One sees, hears, and feels about his life in and love for Los Angeles. His artistic movement from the walls of L.A. streets to the precision of drafting on paper, results in a fine art aesthetic that embodies, wrestles, and engages all that is of formal art and "traditional" graffiti art. Often described as abstract freeways, the lines and letterforms of his art tense with obsessive perfection. Kofie One's art connects the dots from street art to high art like a fundamental geometry that only a certain few graffiti artists have accomplished, yet maintains a tribute to the energy and creative origins of graffiti art.

In "Vintage Futurism" the exhibition further looks into Kofie One's mechanically detailed line-work, organically complex structures, and heavy earth-tone palette that coalesce into a multi-layered, architectonic inspired world. A futuristic realm of lines and shapes not subject to gravity but firmly rooted in a formal manner. Executed by a sure hand, a feeling of motion unleashed underlies all of Kofie One's current works. In his mixed media works circular forms stretch, drape, and harmoniously combine with images from outdated and discarded publications and found vintage paper creating a provocative glimpse into a world both intricately complex and balanced in perfect harmony. As a self-proclaimed detail freak, Kofie One's straightforward approach to painting continues to broaden his spectrum of creative endeavors and applications. He can be found today in his Echo Park, California studio producing commission works, collages, assemblages, watercolors, mural installations and the occasional live art event.

Scion Space Presents: SÃO PAULO

February 28 - March 28, 2009

Curated by: Choque Cultural Gallery


The São Paulo exhibition celebrates the energy of the emerging art culture in São Paulo, Brazil, the biggest metropolitan city in South America.

Calma, Carlos Dias, MZK, Ramon Martins, Silvana Mello, Speto, Titi Freak and Zezão form a group that translates this energy best, bringing fine art unique influences from pop-culture, ancient heritage, modern painting or folk art. Each artist uses pop contemporary references such as street art, tattoo, skateboarding, hip-hop, and punk, while paying close attention to their own personal heritage and research. The São Paulo show promises an intriguing exhibition.

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 28, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Free Valet Parking & Open Bar

Scion Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Avenue (at National) Culver City, CA. 90232

Also this one:

"Send Lawyers, Guns and Money..." an AWR MSK Group show

Join us February 28th at 8 PM for "Send Lawyers, Guns and Money..." an AWR MSK Group show.

**Preview Showing** Saturday Feb 28th, 2009 6-8 PM. Please email info@canvasla.com for details.

And there is also this outdoor daytime event: EAST HOLLYWOOD ARTCYCLE

Saturday, February 28, 2009
2:00pm - 10:00pm
East Hollywood
Melrose and Heliotrope
Hollywood, CA


From 2-10pm Artists will take over the street to show their work. A silk-screening booth will be on the street so you can take away a memento of your day. If you bring your own shirt you only pay the cost of the ink!! You can even get your shirt inked by a bicycle that paints your clothes with its wheel! Bring a shirt!!!

Starting at 3PM we will offer a short walking tour (under 30 mins) of the Heliotrope and Melrose area. It will run every hour until 8pm.

During the day we have enlisted the awesome Salsa Dancers from Salsarologo will show us their moves on the street.

Telematique is playing: a violin/cello duo who plays over live loops, sings in french and weaves a tapestry of sound to entice listeners into a world of sweet melodies, intense strings dynamics all within the nicely packaged pop song sensibility.

Local restaurants will be be on hand all day to take care of the appetite you work up on your ride!

Hel/Mel Gallery spaces will be providing live music between 6 and 8PM.

DJs will make music to your ears in the evening hours!!

At 8PM, Killsonic will march through the streets with their unorthodox collection of musical instruments.

Then, in terms of late night musical stylings:

Also Saturday night check Square-1 & Ruff Hauser at a new spot in the Down Town:

Commander Dazzle and the Hazmat Flotilla launch the first multimedia art showcase at Ouroboros in downtown LA...

$10 cover plus extra donations
See below for directions!!!

Featuring the musical stylings of:
Heavenly Father
Abai (street ritual SF)
Dat Girl

Art show curated by Avo Soltes
"Rebel Studio Artists of LA"
Featured artist Geza X

Electro visuals by Tbone Media

Tasty Treats by Divine Nourishment

Magic Elixirs by Shaman Shack

Follow these directions to the secret galactic outpost:

Take your best route to Downtown Los Angeles.
Your point of entry downtown should be Santa Fe or Matteo off the 10 and the 5
Our location is between 7th and 8th off Matteo

For Parking:
Park on the WEST side of Matteo anywhere on or between Bay and Violet.
Lots of commando parking back there!!! We will have security patrolling the area
but downtown parking rules apply!
(meaning: Don't leave anything in view on your car seats. But don't worry, our security team is a family squad of locals who have already cleaned up the streets around there for Hangar 1018)

ON FOOT proceed to the southwest corner of Violet and Matteo to meet your liaison for directions.

Also tonight, check JLogic and friends:

A very interesting event called East Meets West is tonight:

LA ART Presents "East Meets West" @ Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood

LA ART is (Los Angeles Artists Recovering Together)

LAART will provide the recovery community with another inspired night of creative expression. Our philosophy is that to take creative action, we are taking the most positive, highest form of action there is rather than reacting to self defeating beliefs that lead us to self destructive behaviors with drinking and taking drugs. We are committed to fostering a safe and inspired community for people in and out of recovery to create, connect and inspire!


"East Meets West" is the theme of LA ART's next "OPEN" Gathering on February 28th. This is our first Gathering at Golden Bridge which is a stunningly beautiful and inspiring 22,000 square foot space.

Doors open @ 7:30 pm

You will be entertained:

There will be live performances by The Wandering Marionettes (Burning Man/Cirque Berzerk), Illumina (Hooprevolition/Burning Man)DJ AlG (Sound Clash Cinema) Julie The Band (Venice), Brandon Jordan (Venice/Killradio), Sarah Ault, Puppies and Kittens and The May Fire.

Music Line up:

Puppies and Kittens

Brandon Jordan

The May Fire


Sarah Ault

Special Guest DJ ALG (www.myspace.com/algjamaicahouse)

Dance performance by:


The Unitards
(Silverlake/Echo Park)

With special guest:

The Wandering Marionettes

You will be inspired:

We will showcase an eclectic and talented collective of local LA artists, photographers and designers including

Michelle Riker(Designer/Artist),
David Arriaza (Photographer)
Nuisms designs (www.myspace.com/nuisms)
Shaun Blanc (Visual Artist)
Lola Von Szent-Gyorgyi (Painter/Mulit-media)
Noa Shaw (Photographer)
Yohanna Logan (Designer)
Matt Kaye (Designer)
Jeanell Suggs (Designer)
Robert Gray Gallagher (Artist)
Michelle McMahon (Jewelry designer)
Pep Williams (Designer)
David Charlins (Photographer)
Lucy Madaline (Video/Installation)
Matt Howard (Painter)
Henia Nickii Flynn (Painter)
Vanessa libertad garcia (Film maker)
Jennifer Grant (Photographer)
Cybele Gerachis (Artist)
and others TBA

"We will be showcasing film shorts, performance art, instillations and more.

You will get creative:

We will have an interactive art experience provided by Art Rebel Studios and silk-screening. There will be complementary hula hooping provided by hooprevolition,

Golden Bridge will provide a complementary Guided meditation and yoga experience to begin promply at 7:45


We will also have a panel of spiritual healers, a wonderful psychic, and much more!
Come be part of a creative movement that will open your mind, heart to the artist inside you.
Due to the sacredness of Golden Bridge you will be asked to take of your shoes before you dive into the fun so wear great socks. This is a highly interactive event so dress comfortably and funky!

All The best


Balance is tonight, and every Saturday, so enjoy some goooood house:

Also tonight to be feeling the opposite of Blue:

Also Saturday, Blow Up is back:

Also on Saturday, for people who like their Bass loud (and by loud I mean rattle your ear drums):

Also, if you feel like raving :)

Sunday March 1st, Deep is as good as always!

Also on Sunday, Old friends, Old Man Markley bring it!

And also Sunday, enjoy some Gas Lamp Killer:

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