Dec 30, 2009

2 days left in 2009 - 12/30

Well, that was a mean cold... 3 full days of sleeping... but I have returned.... thanks to the loving care of my girl, I am back!

So... there are just 2 days left in 2009.

How will I spend them? (remember I've been trying to actively celebrate the awesomeness of this year every day) Well today, I will actually just be working, catching up, and getting ready for a BIG year!

Things I'm working on tonight:

The upcoming Glitch Mob show in LA!


Lucent L'amour happening on Valentine's Day!

But the big night is tomorrow! You can scroll down now and find out about ALL the good massive, club, and underground events.

Tonight catch some of my FAVORITE MC's on earth:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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