Aug 11, 2009

more Love Life Laughter - 8/11


Such an exciting day. And by exciting I mean I sat in front of the computer and multitasked like a maniac! But I am getting stuff done!!

I've been listening to 100's of dreams! I'm working really hard on Video Diary Burning Man 2008, and hope to get it up in time for last minute viewing before the burn. (STAY TUNED!!!!)

I also finally got this LOVE LIFE LAUGHTER thing up on Facebook. Check it out by clicking here! On Facebook, I am hoping that it will become much more interactive. A resource that will hopefully begin to take on its own life and truly be a means of spreading and inspiring ♥ ∞ :)

And just to make sure you, my loyal and well cultured readers are up on late breaking news, be sure to get at me on Twitter, it's getting updated way too much, so you'll be sure to get y'er fill. Aaaarrrgghhhh!

Finally before today's events roll call, here is a song that I was digging today, appropriately called The Daydream:

Be sure to read ahead, this weekend's events are already shaping up. A lot of AMAZING music all week and weekend!!!

Seriously I love LA!

So tonight, you can see a hella cool meteor shower. Do it. In fact get naked with a loved one and take a cosmic shower! Check this article about where to go and how to see it best! - via

Tonight at Technique catch a bunch of music including Jega!:

Also tonight catch the weekly Dim Mak event:

Also tonight is LA Violette Tuesdays at the Standard in Hollywood:

Click here for info!

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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