Aug 19, 2009

aka FRESH - 8/19

So.... I leave for Burning Man in 5 DAYS!!!!

And every time I have gone out the playa, I've always used my playa name:


The origin is simple... on my first year (2001) on the first day, some of our neighbors came up to introduce themselves, and after learning it was my first time, they named me Fresh.

And through the years it has taken on a more metaphorical meaning, something along the lines of staying original, genuine, curious, open minded.....

So when you see me write "Keep it Fresh" y'all know what I mean!

And I was watching this video today, and I realized this video has inspired my playa fashion sense! (this song is also dedicated to the maker of hearts ♥)

As for your events tonight:

Tonight on your local radio station 89.9 listen to Jeremy Sole from Midnight to 3 am!!

Also tonight is Tighten Up with Yosaku and Chaka:

Also tonight see house master Derrick Carter:

Also tonight is Low End Thoery:

Also tonight in Hollywood catch Missingtoof's free weekly party "Laundromat":

With rotating DJs:
True Pseudo
After Midnight
Cosmic Kids

@ Libertine, 8210 Sunset Blvd.
$0 cover!

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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