Dec 15, 2008

Soundtrack for Life - 12/15

a snap of the player (music is my only other love)

check it currently @ hEAR

#1 just heard in the car 2am friday morning, after the afro funke party, love kcrw!
#2 the song of burning man 2008 (for me!) best sunrise set ever ever!
#3 got to peep this album from tribe. a head of its time in terms of chill-maxmizing
#4 this guy knows what house means. plus he plays live bass on stage!
#5 star guitar has always been a fav. of mine (raving roots) but this remix brings the saturday night no matter what day it is!

#6 Jeremy is one of my fav. DJ's of 2008. This guy knows how to put it down!
#7 Ruff Hauser, who topped my list at 2008's Lightning in Bottle fest., knows how to lay it down as well! whaaaah whaaah whaaaah!
#8 more of the same wobble sauce.
#9 this song i just descovered last week, and i have now become addicted!

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