Dec 1, 2008

The origins of "Dude or Die"

**peep the sky tonight, look for jupiter and venus by the moon**

As events in my life unfold as they are, it becomes even more evident that it really is Dude or Die!

So it was about this time last year, October 2007, when I took a trip to the Bay to get some much needed R&R. A spiritual journey, planned and executed perfectly.

After touring the city for hours and hours, I ended up party hopping. Outside the Mission district I ran into these kids, and as legend has it we had a great jam session.

The spontaneous band:

The visionary:

The evidence:

I'll leave the meaning for you to assign...

As for a second opinion on my sitch., I consulted the stars:

"Cause it's Dude or Die!"

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Sulai said...

what a lovely glimpse. thank you.