Jan 6, 2009

Its a Ruff Jive to live Lucently - 1/06

First of all, tune your radios to hear Sole on KCRW (or kcrw. com) Wednesdays nights 12-3am

(Afro Funke’ / KCRW / Musaics)
www. myspace. com/musaics

Then for the going out and outgoing, tonight, and EVERY Wednesday in Downtown LA @ the Edison:

Lucent Dossier
Lucent Dossier Myspace
LA Weekly photo's
*​*​origi​nal artic​le featu​red onlin​e at : Click here for article.

YouTube video of Lucent Dossier in Dublin, Ireland.... (fyi- the music you hear in this scene is by Helios Jive who will be at the Edison tonight performing as well!!!!)

Also tonight (ugh pulled in so many directions, but that's why LA is so awesome):

And last, but not least, another fresh weekly staple:

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