Jan 1, 2009

Day One 2009 - Pretty Great

Last night was a fog! Literally. Downtown was covered in a mysterious fog. We jumped from one party to another, making a pit stop at IHOP at 2am. The Space Island event was beautifully set up! I only caught Jesse Wright's set, but it was some good tunes for sure. At the Lunar NYE event Scott K. and the HAWT crew threw down some great house tracks!

Today I checked out the Shade party by Pocket Underground @ Woodley Park, I've been a fan of Porter Tinsley since the Alma Paradiso party in Mexico (also my first blog ever). Good people & good vibes! Ran into Stephan aka Square-1 and he gave me one of his mixes and it's very damn good!

364 to go! Let's make em count!

ps... heads up Burner's! for January 14th!

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