Nov 21, 2008

Sugar Man - 11/21

Get to know me on a more personal level:

Anyway tonight I'm excited about seeing this guy:

For a record that’s almost 40 years old, Cold Fact sounds astoundingly fresh and relevant, as if it has been preserved in a time capsule all this time. The lyrical content of songs like “Inner City Blues” and “Hate Street Dialogue” is sharp, witty, and biting. Rodriguez has a commanding voice that is at once wise and completely unpretentious. And of course the musical accompaniment, all of which was recorded and added after Rodriguez contributed his parts, enhances the psychedelic mood and vibrations. Rodriguez is currently back on tour, supporting an album that he recorded decades ago. Some rock-n-roll relics might find playing their classic numbers a bore, but Rodriguez is playing his like no one’s ever heard them before. - Popmatters

Listen here!

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