Nov 11, 2008

Stop the Hate, go back to your Roots - 11/11

Yo yo people in the city of Angels! How be you?

Its 11/11....make a wish!

My wish is for equal rights for all people so....

First off, tonight come out to support the fight against Prop 8:

A fundraiser for the legal fund.
Presented by: SHADE & TECHNIQUE

Prop 8 has passed in California, an unfair and wrong discriminatory bill directed at the gay community. Guided by misinformation and blatant lies, many people who voted "yes" on prop 8 are just now realizing they took marriage away from tens of thousands of gay couples in our state and that education had nothing to do with the proposition.

Porter Tinsley, a long-standing pillar of the club scene, is calling the community to please show your support for the gay community this Tuesday at Zanzibar for STRAIGHTS AGAINST H8.

The proceeds will be donated to the legal fund in the name of the Mormon Church President, Thomas Monson.

Porter Tinsley needs your help: please come support our night - the gay community is rallying all over the city, but this is YOUR chance to show your support.

DJ LINEUP [House, Electro, Tech]:


9pm - 2am
21 + Full Bar
$10 Cover

Also tonight, we got my man Roothub throwing down another set at Crane's Tavern in Hollywood:

And finally, for the electro headz, we got LA's possibly most consistent night at Cinespace:

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