Sep 28, 2009

Back in LA.... - 9/28

I'm back in LA. FINALLY back.

And, things feel strange....different....I am changed!

I have been gone for over a month... been to festivals like Burning Man, Symbiosis, and Earth Dance.

So many memories dancing in my head.

I must process!

Meanwhile, in LA:

Tonight catch Michna live, with Acid Girls and Gina Turner:

Also tonight is the Hollywood Artwalk with amazing art, live music, and some of my favorite DJ's including Diva Danielle and Audrey Napoleon. Full info at

Also tonight Create:Fixate present's Nick Vedros' photography work:

Also tonight catch the Villains and more:

Also tonight Monday Night Social presents the official Nocturnal after party:

Always fill your LIFE with LOVE and LAUGHTER ~ PEACE OUT

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