Oct 13, 2008

Falling slowly

sometimes i am so happy.

lost in the moment with someone i care about;

lost in laughter, adventure, music, dancing,

and it's in those moments that i realize i am alive!

and sometimes, when i come back down to earth,

when something is wrong in my life, i begin to get sad.

i begin to notice the lonely, the homeless, and the ill.

i think about the world, it's wars, and all those people suffering and starving...

and i am overwhelmed,

because in that moment i realize i will die.

i realize that time doesn't wait.

and there is only one thing that picks me back up.

something the surrounds me.

something that makes the sun rise and the stars glow.

and its because of the people i have been blessed to know that i realize this...

that love is always there!

its could be right around the corner..

or hiding in your pocket..

or even right under your nose.

i love you love.

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