Oct 15, 2008

Your Rendezvous to Dance to Afro Funke' beats...it feels Right! - 10/16

So this Thursday we got 3 nice events.....my preferences lie with Afro Funke' (only $7):

Afrob​eat,​ Brazi​lian,​ Dub, Regga​e,​ Cumbi​a,​ Samba​ Disco​,​ Afric​an Salsa​,​ Afro-​Latin​ House​,​ India​n Beats​,​ Makos​sa,​ Balka​n,​ Funk, Blues​,​ Highl​ife,​ Broke​n-​Afro-​Beat,​ Salsa​,​ & Other​ deep-​roote​d soul music​ from aroun​d the world​!


And across town check out:

And for those in the LBC check out:

The Bodyrock DJ's always bring the THUMP!

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Red Eyes said...

Hi, my first time here. Just an introduction! I would like to stop by again if you feel a counter visit will be worth our individual busy schedules. I find your blog interesting...and please accept my compliments and this invite.